Mechtild (mechtild) wrote,

Happy Thanksgiving!



Happy Thanksgiving!

A happy holiday to you who celebrate it, and a beautiful week and weekend to those of you who don’t!


~ The Council of Elrond screencap posts are still not quite ready, but I hope to have the series up by the weekend.

~ No snow yet. Here’s a shot of young deer in our snowless backyard on Friday.


I ran out to take their picture while they were gleaning fallen crab apples. One of them has heard me trying to sneak closer.

When the snow comes they won’t be able to find the crab apples, which will make me sad, because they'll start to eat my bushes. We could get a fence like the people behind us (the deer are never munching on their stuff), but I don't like fences. A picturesquely aged stone wall might be nice, though....

~ Mechtild

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