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NF-Lee's Gildor and Frodo

MORE Gandalf and Frodo in the Cart Scene....

Posted on 2005.11.07 at 21:58


mechtild at 2005-11-10 01:45 (UTC) (Link)
I went over to your LJ now that I am back home and your photo is perfectly viewable. I could not use it for my screencap series, however. I had to go back to the FotR TE "Full screen" that I had been using for this scene. The EE widescreen you capped from produced a very different image. Not only was the picture vastly wider, the colours and exposure were very different. I think they really improved the contrast and light for the EE. I am thinking of capping the scene all over again from my EE version, it is so much brighter. But, for now, I posted the caps I got from the "fullscreen theatrical version" I rented.

Anime. I think I should have been more specific and said, "Manga." I have never seen the animated form of that art style, only a lot of the graphic novels and magazines that we own at the library. I think the illustration styles of the graphic novels are very similar to their animated versions, though, judging from screencaps posted in the Anime mag that we stock at the library. There were a few Manga series in which the style of the art seems to pay homage to older Japanese art. But most of it is the sort I really dislike, in which nearly every character looks like a saucer-eyed kindergarten student but stretched thin, with a pointed chin and a bunch of pointy hair. When I first thumbed through one, having heard of the form, I was puzzled. I was only looking at the pictures, not reading any of the texts. I did see right away why film-Frodo and EW are hits with its fans; he's a natural for them; especially if he were longer and leaner. But especially in the series rated for teens, the way the people were drawn was disturbingly freakish to me. The characters still looked like small children, but even more etiolated. The males were quite pretty, like very tall girls. The females had the tremendous, ballooning breasts of American action hero comics, but the rest of them was still the same slender, waif-ish preschooler. I found flipping through these stories very odd: it was like seeing adult scenarios played by five year-olds (with giant breasts and longer legs). The sexualization of childhood is something I've been noticing in American culture generally, but I've never seen that trend illustrated this explicitly and extremely.

So, I guess this sort of style has too much of an "eeewww" factor for me. Obviously, I have already said in this thread how much I love EW's Frodo, and am fully aware that part of his charm is in the childlike aspects of his beauty. But as silky and shiny as he is, he still looks like a young man, one who has finished puberty. He doesn't look like a really tall, thin version of himself when he was in Forever Young.

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