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MORE Gandalf and Frodo in the Cart Scene....

I decided to go ahead and post the last of my "FotR Cart Scene" screen caps because I’ll be too busy for the next few days to post a new entry....

The first caps below come from footage just after the "Money Shot." Frodo realises that it is Gandalf who is approaching, and tears down the grassy slope.

These are awfully blurry, but I really love this moment in the film for the buoyant, filled-with-joy quality of the run. Therefore, I included the two caps that are the most focussed.

Frodo careers down the hill:

Once Frodo comes to a stop at the top of the bank by the edge of the lane, they have the little contest to see who will laugh first. Then Frodo leaps into Gandalf's arms. I did not cap the little laughing contest, not because it wasn't well-played, but because it is one of the sequences in the films in which film-Frodo's face seems to belong to someone else. I don't know why, but I think he looks quite un-Frodo-ish in those shots, facially. Perhaps it is the angle from which they were shot? I don't know.

But, the leap into the cart is a joy to watch. Who among us Frodo fans doesn't go all melty inside to see that delighted-to-see-each-other embrace? And who among us does not wish to pat that dear, pert little velveteen-clad bottom? I thought so: none.

I do love that they decided to film this sequence with EW doing the leaping into the arms of the large scale-double, rather than the other way around. I could always tell when any of the hobbit's little scale doubles were used, their body language and postures were so different. But I rarely recognized the 7 foot-plus actor in shots, unless I thought about it -- even when he was providing the arm and hand of Arwen!

The leap into the cart and embrace:

Here are a couple of caps that are very similar to ones I posted yesterday from the cart scene, but they are not. The lighting is a bit different and the attitude as he listens is, too. I thought they were nice enough to post, any way:

This set of caps comes from the sequence in which Frodo is telling the wizard ironically, "We Bagginses were very well-thought of …" before Gandalf came along with his adventures. I consider these "humorous Frodo" shots. They do not make him look beautiful, but, for me, the series brings to mind the jaunty, droll Frodo from the book, the Frodo who was willing and able to get up on a table at the Prancing Pony to sing a funny song -- then getting himself into trouble by agreeing to do an encore. These caps give a sense of the hobbit whose wry observations and dry sense of humour surfaced throughout the book -- all the way into the darkness of Mordor.

Frodo being droll:

These last caps are from a sequence that I don't believe is in the EE at all. When I first saw one of these caps in an online gallery, I thought, “Where did that shot come from?” I had never seen the first film in a theatre. I thought the shot must have been an outtake or a "behind the scenes". But, no, it is right there, but in the theatrical version, which I hadn’t seen.

I only capped only three images from this sequence, simply because I don't love them enough. They are very nice shots, and Frodo looks quite lovely in them (love the blowing hair). But, again, I feel that he just doesn't look like Frodo enough, somehow. If I didn't know better, I might suspect I was looking at shots of Frodo’s stunt double, not Elijah Wood, called in to play the part after EW injured himself or something, dubbing in the voice later.

I am sure it's just me who feels this way, because I have heard many fans say they like the caps from this scene very much. That is why I am including a couple here.

Frodo (as played by Elijah Wood's cousin -- joke):

And that’s the lot!

Click HERE for table of Frodo and Elijah Wood Screencaps.

~ Mechtild
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