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wondering wary - BREE

Farewell to Fall.

Posted on 2008.10.29 at 21:16


mechtild at 2008-11-05 16:36 (UTC) (Link)
Mariole! How great--and well-timed--to hear from you. I am out east visiting at my mother's, so our daughter can have a good visit before she goes in the Coast Guard after Christmas. It also happens to be Election Week. We voted by absentee ballot before we left, but it's been a bit of a damper doing all our celebrating between just the two of us (my mother; my brother and his wife and all their friends are Republicans). But last night I kept thinking of you, especially as I saw the count creeping up towards Blue in CO. "Mariole helped do that!" I beamed to myself. When it went into the Obama camp, including Udall, at last, we whooped. What a night! I adored both the very gracious concession speech by McCain (who again looked like his old self, the one I had liked these many years), and the stirring but restrained, reassuringly presidential speech by Obama. I felt like it had been decades since I'd heard a speech like that, that made me feel lifted up, like I was a member of my own country. I hope it all goes well.

Well, I'm at the public library and my time at the computer is almost up, but I just wanted to say "YEAH!!!!!!!!" with you. Be back next week.

~ Mechtild

P.S. Nearly forgot: thanks for the lovely comment!
mariole at 2008-11-07 06:34 (UTC) (Link)
Aw, thanks so much for sharing your thoughts and impressions. It truly was a magical night and a life-altering moment.

I'm so proud of all of us. The turn towards Obama is taking away the shame of having George Chimp Bush representing us-- ick! Not for long!
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