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Replacement Frodo arrives, and cat news.


I just thought I’d share my pleasure in finally getting my replacement Frodo Baggins from Sideshow. I had sent my first one back because it had a scraped-up belt for Sting, and, more importantly, there was a small white spot on his right nostril that clearly looked like the flaw it was.

The one that just arrived also has a flaw, coincidentally also on a nostril, but on the other one. It’s not missing paint this time but a small narrow ridge in the surface of the plastic. Because it looks more like a scar than a blemish, and because it's barely noticeable, I’ve decided I can live with it.

Here are our two heroes on their display shelf, looking very noble and brave. I imagine them advancing against Shelob. No, I don't know why Sam would be carrying a packet of lembas. I just like it too much not to include it in the display. Perhaps he has it at the ready in case they need an extra last-minute boost of will power. I didn’t put their Elven cloaks on them because I liked their Shire cloaks better:

Here’s a closer shot, with slightly different lighting:

More Sam and Frodo pics:

Before I left for our Fourth of July family reunion jan-u-wine sent me a link to a delightful feature hosted at Sideshow, a story in pictures illustrated using the Sam and Frodo figures (Legolas and Boromir have supporting roles). The figures are posed in natural settings, as if they’re on an adventure, and dialogue is given in captions. It’s well worth browsing and a great way to look at the figures and their accessories from every angle.

Sideshow’s blurb says that the story’s creator is Hylton Mayne, a writer and illustrator specializing in sci-fi fantasy. The link is directly below, if you are interested.

"Hylton Mayne Presents Frodo and Sam" ~ HERE


Cat news:

Raoul ~ Dec. 19, 1991 - June 19, 2008

For my friends who are cat lovers and wanted an update, we took Raoul to the vet’s to be put down on June 19. What a great cat he was. He was typically the favourite of everyone who met him, because he was so amiable. He had a good life and a long life, but we miss him. The other cats have missed Raoul too. For many days after he died they walked around the house, meowing as if they were looking for him. His absence has changed the dynamic between them in terms of their behaviour towards each other, too. Angelo and Pixie don’t sleep together the way they used to. I think Raoul, big and placid and tolerant, was a buffer between them, literally and figuratively. They tend now to lie near each other, but not right next to each other.

Health-wise, Angelo is completely back to normal, but Pixie, who rallied in July, felt low yesterday and today seems definitely ill. Hopefully, this is just a passing illness and not the beginning of the end for her. She was sick in May and June and got over it. I’ve got my fingers crossed, but I am not hopeful. Cancer in all our cats has tended to take them very quickly once it starts really affecting them. Our daughter will be so sad not to see Pixie again. We have been hoping our "little girl" would hang in there until our daughter's return in September.

Well, I need to get some work done. So, greetings to you all, and I hope eventually to at least browse some of the entries I've missed in the past weeks.

Raoul at 9 months, September 1992:

Raoul at exactly 16 ½ years, June 19, 2008, the day he died:

~ Mechtild

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