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I am the new owner of Sideshow’s one-sixth scale Sam and Frodo!


Yep, I ordered them with my Christmas money in January and they finally have arrived. I had to send the Frodo figure back (scraped-up belt for Sting’s scabbard and a spot of missing paint on the arch of his right nostril—couldn’t have that!), but a better version should be arriving very soon. Sam is here, arriving in great condition. He is unpacked, accessorized, and standing guard in the special glass-doored cabinet I have provided for them.

Just in case there are some of you out there who have never heard of these figures, and might like to get one or both of them (there still are some left—probably from cancelled orders due to the state of the economy), I am including a link to Sideshow’s page for them.

Here’s the link for Frodo’s page at Sideshow, and here’s the link for Sam’s page.

I am so pleased with these figures! The only other costly piece of Frodo "art" I have bought is the Mount Doom Diorama, which depicts Frodo and Gollum fighting at the edge of the Crack of Doom. I think it's a sensational piece, even if it dramatizes a moment in the trilogy that never happened in canon. But I was never willing to spend the money on any other pieces. I did not like Sideshow's statue of Frodo in Moria, for instance. It's good as statues go, but because the statue only vaguely resembles film Frodo, I didn't consider buying it (especially at 250.00). I thought my 6.99 “Two Towers Super Posable Frodo” bore an infinitely better likeness to the original. But these new one-sixth scale figures look so great—and so like their film counterparts—I had to order them.

I've posted copies of the pics posted at Sideshow below for those of you who don’t want to buy them but would like to know what they look like. The real items—both the figures and their clothes and accessories—look very much like the figures shown in the official photos. I was *not* disappointed.



Here’s my Sam, standing in his case. His sweater in my image has a distinct reddish cast, perhaps from the reflection from the reddish wood inside the case. It's really brown, but darker than what is shown in the Sideshow online images. I think it's a beautifully done figure, right down to his smallest props (he's holding a wafer of lembas in its mallorn wrapper, and his pipe is tucked in his grey shoulder bag).

Here’s the Frodo I had to return, standing next to his image on the box he came in:

The colour in my photo is not quite faithful, but note that although the colour of the Frodo figure’s waistcoat is very like the image from Sideshow’s site (above), it not as dark or as red in colour as the waistcoat he wears in the film (see below). The waistcoat of my doll is a sort of golden tan, not the plummy brown Frodo wore. But the brick-red waistcoat worn by the doll on the cover of the box is not any better. It is far too red.

I don't see why they didn't just use the colour of the film waistcoat. It's not as though they didn't have a plethora of great reference shots to go by. That's my only real complaint on the design of the Frodo figure.

~ Mechtild

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