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NF-Lee's Gildor and Frodo

Why I haven’t been posting lately.

Posted on 2008.06.11 at 18:25


mechtild at 2008-06-13 12:44 (UTC) (Link)
A no-pet apartment! I know about that from my dorm days, and even my apartment days. In the apartment I moved to before I went to graduate school, you couldn't have pets. People did, since I saw little dogs smuggled in and out for their walks. I was terrified a neighbour would turn me in, for it was a "middle income public-assisted" co-op with a big waiting list to get in it. I had heard of people getting rid of dwellers with illegal pets so they could get people further down the list into the empty units. You probably know what noisy voices Siamese cats have. But they also sound a lot like human babies to those who don't know better. Perhaps people thought I was a single mother, lol. I suppose I was.

But when it comes time for them to die, quietly or in distress, it is always so hard. My mother won't have a cat anymore, partly because she's too old to care for one in the practical sense (can't stoop to clean the box or carry bags of litter, etc.), but mostly because she doesn't want to suffer another broken heart. The deaths of the cats she's had that died badly still haunt her. It sounds like you and your Whitney.

Thanks for sharing that, Frolijah Fan.
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