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Happy Birthday, Frodosweetstuff!


~ Detail from “Death of Hyakinthos”

Happy birthday, Frodosweetstuff!

I'm nearly late to the party, but for your birthday here's "The Death of Hyakinthos" by Jean Broc, painted in 1801. I know what a romantic you are, so I thought you'd like a large copy of this well-known swoony painting. (I'll bet you've already got it!)

Many happy returns of the day!!!!

~ Mechtild

Death of Hyakinthos by Jean Broc, 1801

ETA: I always like to know the story depicted in a painting, so I looked up Hyacinth. Here's part of the short entry in Wikipedia:

In the myth, Hyacinth was a beautiful youth beloved by the god Apollo. The two took turns throwing the discus, until Apollo, to impress his beloved, threw it with all his might. Hyacinth ran to catch it, to impress Apollo in turn, and was struck by the discus as it fell to the ground and he died.

Another myth adds that the wind god Zephyrus was actually responsible for the death of Hyacinth. The boy's beauty caused a feud between Zephyrus and Apollo. Jealous that Hyacinth preferred the radiant archery god Apollo, Zephyrus blew Apollo's discus off course, so as to injure and kill Hyacinth. When he died, Apollo didn't allow Hades to claim the boy; rather, he made a flower, the hyacinth, from his spilled blood. According to Ovid's account, the tears of Apollo stained the newly formed flower's petals with the sign of his grief. However, the flower of the mythological Hyacinth has been identified with a number of plants other than the true hyacinth, such as the iris.

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