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Departure from Lorien, Pt. 2: On the Anduin.


The caps below follow immediately from the ones in the previous post, in which the Fellowship has just left Lórien.

In the next five caps, the Fellowship is further down the river. The look of the caps is shadier, and Frodo has developed a blemish (more on that below). The light is a bit brighter in the 10 caps that follow, which come from the scene in which they approach and pass the Argonath. In the final caps, showing the travellers pulling up to the shores of Parth Galen, the lighting has changed again.

In the middle group, Frodo sports what was affectionately called “The One Pimple", back on the second messageboard I ever posted at, Khazad-dûm (now defunct). It’s funny, but until I became a film-Frodo fan, I never noticed the thing. I just didn't focus on him enough to see it.

The blemish is more noticeable, however, in the excellent EE scene on the river at night.* In it, Frodo has a conversation with Sam that underscores Frodo's anxiety and anguish over having soon to make his decision. The scene also includes the spotting of Gollum and an argument between Aragorn and Boromir about the road they should take.

Although I did not cap the EE scene on the Anduin, Blossom has done so. She has an excellent short slideshow of the scene on her Frodo website, In Dreams, as well as a great gallery of supplementary caps. Just go to “slideshows”, then choose, “You Can’t Help Me, Sam”.

*Notably, the blemish disappears in the frames of Frodo overhearing Boromir and Aragorn's argument. Like the earlier scenes on the river, his reaction shot must have been filmed at a different time. But that makes sense, since this reaction shot originally was planned to fit somewhere else. In the trailer for TTT, it was used to show Frodo listening to Gollum as he makes his first appearance in the film, crawling down the wall in the Emyn Muil.


Screenplay for the scene in the theatrical version:

After the close-up of Frodo thinking, the camera follows the Fellowship from above as the Anduin carries them along. Shots of the Orcs pursuing are intercut. Aragorn, Boromir and Legolas, as if intuiting their proximity, respond with looks of alarm and watchfulness. As the river curves through a narrow gorge, the river slows. Frodo is lost in thought when Aragorn taps him on the shoulder.

Aragorn: Frodo, the Argonath! Long have I desired to look upon the kings of old. My kin.

Frodo and the other members of the Fellowship look up in awe and wonder at the two monumental statues carved out of the rock face, proudly standing on either side of the narrow gorge, their hands raised in gestures of warning. Gliding by the statue’s sandaled foot their boats look dwarfed.

After the narrows, the river empties into a lake, Nan Hithoel, surrounded by mountains. In the distance is the spike of Tol Brandir and the smoking falls of Rauros. At Parth Galen they pull their boats onto the gravelly beach. Boromir appears to be fighting a conflict within him and Frodo looks disturbed and anxious. The Fellowship starts to make camp.


The screencaps below were all made from the theatrical version. Only the theatrical version comes in the fullscreen format, which is larger from top to bottom, even if it cuts off the sides, making for better close-ups.

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