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Departure from Lórien, Pt. 1: Galadriel’s Gift.


I made these screencaps last week because I was looking for images to illustrate the mood of a poem of jan-u-wine’s, which she is graciously allowing me to post next week on March 25, in commemoration of the fall of Barad-dûr and the Dark Lord.

Jan’s poem is set long after the War of the Ring, in Tol Eressëa, so there are no film scenes that correspond to it literally. Still, I thought, I ought to be able to find a scene in which Frodo displays a similar mood, some scene I haven’t yet capped.

The caps I made of Frodo on the Anduin (see below), from the departure from Lórien to the arrival at Parth Galen, weren’t quite good enough of a match for the poem, but they still turned out as very nice caps. I will present them in two parts; even pared down, there are quite a few.

The first set of caps show Frodo just after the Fellowship has got into the boats and begun their journey down the river. Frodo is shown remembering the gift-giving, when Galadriel gave him the crystal phial containing the light of Eärendil, along with her blessing.

I love the way the giving of the phial was filmed: the camera focussing on their hands as they make the exchange, Frodo’s reaction shots, and Galadriel’s beautiful kiss of benediction. It beautifully conveys Tolkien's magic. I love Frodo's evocative face, back in the boat. His expressions are subtle, yet his mix of emotions comes through. I love the divine score (especially in the EE version), and the exquisite lighting.


Screenplay for the scene in the theatrical version:

After a cut to Saruman instructing Lurtz in Isengard, the scene opens in pre-dawn Lórien. A pensive Frodo sits in an Elven boat, and the group pulls away from the banks. In a flash back, Frodo remembers Galadriel.

Galadriel: Farewell, Frodo Baggins. I give you the light of Eärendil, our most beloved star.

In a close-up of their hands, she gives Frodo the Phial.

Galadriel: Namárië.

Stooping, she kisses the top of Frodo’s head. The scene shifts back to Frodo in the boat, holding the Phial and gazing at it. In another flashback he sees Galadriel, standing on the shore, her hand raised in a gesture of benediction and farewell.

Galadriel: May it be a light for you in dark places, when all other lights go out.

The scene returns to Frodo, his face thoughtful.


The screencaps for this set (and the following two sets) have been made from the theatrical version because I wanted to use the fullscreen format. Since I made the caps to go with the poem, my primary goal was to show Frodo, not his setting. The fullscreen format, which is larger from top to bottom, even if it cuts off the sides, is best for that.

Also, I want to note that Blossom has made gorgeous, big screencaps from the widescreen version of the Anduin scenes, which can be seen at her lovely Frodo-devoted website, In Dreams. Go to "Slideshows", "The Argonath", then, "click here for more screencaps".


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