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TTT Extras 5: Screencaps from the extras compared to final film versions.


As was the case for the FotR bonus materials, the extras for TTT contain bits of footage from the films that looks different from the way it appears in the final cuts. Sometimes it is because the sequence shown in a “making of” segment or in a trailer has not yet been digitally graded (changing the colour), or has been graded differently. Sometimes the extras show material that was shot but which was never included in the films, theatrical or EE versions.

As usual, all the caps have been cropped and tweaked slightly for better focus and lighting.

A screencap from the feature, On the Set: “The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers” ~ Starz Encore Special, showing Frodo speaking to Gollum in the Emyn Muil:

Cap from the final version of the same shot, with very different digital grading:

Another cap from the Emyn Muil ("We're not alone"), from the feature, "Return to Middle-earth" ~ WB Special:

Nearly the same cap from the final version of the scene. The digital grading is different, although not dramatically:

Also from Return to Middle-earth, the caps below come from a sequence showing Frodo in the Emyn Muil at night, just opening his eyes to listen as Gollum makes his entrance crawling down the cliff face.

Here's the same cap (or nearly), but from the EE of FotR. Obviously, the same footage was used to show Frodo listening to Boromir and Aragorn as they are argue on the banks of the Anduin. The image has been reversed, but also the grading is quite different.

I've always wondered where this beautiful shot came from (I always called it, "St. Frodo the Martyr"). I have seen versions of it in Internet galleries for years. But it is not in the film, theatrical or EE. As it turns out, it comes from The Two Towers theatrical trailer (not the "teaser") included in the extras.

Version in the trailer:

Although this shot never made it into the theatrical release or the EE, here's a screencap from the same moment in the scene. Notice how different the digitial grading is for Osgiliath in the final version of TTT:

Below is another sequence of caps that shows a very noticeable difference in digital grading between the trailer and final version of a scene. They show Frodo and Sam hiding from the Nazgul in the Dead Marshes.

These are from the trailer:

Here’s a cap from the same scene in the final version of the film. The colour is extremely different:

The sequence below, from Behind the Scenes Preview of “The Return of the King”, not only has different grading from the theatrical version, it shows footage of Frodo that does not appear in the final version of RotK (theatrical or EE).

The setting is still Ithilien, the scene in which Sam wakes to hear Gollum/Smeagol plotting their deaths. Frodo pulls Sam off Gollum, the argument winding down as Frodo says, “We can't do this by ourselves, Sam, not without a guide. I need you on my side.” “I’m on your side," Sam answers. “I know, Sam, I know," Frodo assures him; "Trust me.” The caps below appear to show Frodo’s coverage in the scene as he says, or is about to say, "Come, Smeagol." In the final film, it is Sam's reaction to Frodo's line that is shown. Again, I’d love to be able to have *all* the footage that was shot for this film one day.

Here are the caps from the RotK preview:

Here is a cap from the final version of the scene in the moment just prior to the caps above:

Also from the RotK preview, this series of caps of Frodo from Shelob's lair leapt out at me because of their beauty and clarity. I went through the film scene again, but never could find these exact frames. Judging from the background, the moment comes not long after Smeagol has abandoned Frodo inside the tunnel. After he has put his hand in the spider web ("What is it?" "You will see"), Frodo begins to feel panicky, calling, "Smeagol, Smeagol!"

Here are the caps from the preview:

The cap below is from the final cut of the film. Note the darker digital grading:


Here are some non-Frodo "freebies", caps I made from a behind-the-scenes moment with Liv Tyler from “Return to Middle-earth”, just because I love the ungraded colours:

Below are caps of Liv Tyler with Viggo Mortensen from the theatrical trailer for The Two Towers. I have paired them with caps of the same scene from the final film to show how lovely the colours were before the final grading was added:

From the trailer:

From the final film:

From the trailer:

From the final film:


I dearly wish that some day New Line will produce a compilation of unused footage from the film, especially the stuff that was never digitally graded. I appreciate the mood the grading can produce, but I also love being able to see the real colours of the hair, eye and skin tones of the actors, as well as the gorgeous sets, props and costumes.

~ Mechtild

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