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TTT Extras 4: Miscellaneous stills and publicity shots.


These are images I wanted to keep for various reasons. I offer them here in case anyone else would like to see or copy them.

The first three images are taken from the extra called, Behind the Scenes Preview of “The Return of the King”. These are images from the films I have seen floating around for ages (I have the poster version of the first one, "Frodo Agonistes"), but never knew where they came from.

They are obviously taken from the shoot, but do not actually appear in any of the final films. (What a difference digital grading made to the shot from Minas Morgul!)

From On the Set: “The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers” ~ Starz Encore Special. I included this cap merely because it’s a much better image than the one I made from the same scene in the DVD of the film:

From the feature, "Return to Middle-earth: WB Special". These are screencaps of various images that were presented in the extra:

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