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TTT Extras 1: ‘The Long and the Short of It’


Looking for a particular interview with Alan Lee a few weeks ago, I ended up watching all the extras that came with the theatrical version of The Two Towers. I realised I hadn’t seen some of the material before, much less capped it.

I know that a lot of images from the footage I capped are available on the Internet. But I wanted my own, so I capped them anyway. For those of you who don’t already have screencaps from these extras, or who want more, the next several posts will be of interest to you.

First up is The Long and the Short of It. None of the caps below come from the actual short film Sean Astin made, but from documentary material that covers the making of it. I find the actual feature extremely forgettable, but I'm glad Sean got everyone on board to make it, since it occasioned some great making-of footage.

There's good material for everyone involved, but it will come as no surprise that I only capped the moments featuring "Frodo's actor". I really enjoyed the sequences showing Elijah Wood being Elijah Wood [for the camera, of course]. I hope you will, too.

Note: All the caps below have all been slightly cropped and tweaked for sharper focus and better lighting.

The first series of caps below comes from the feature, "The Making of The Long and the Short of It".

I am sure the sequence below comes from the same footage, but the images actually are made from frames that appear in the feature called, "Return to Middle-earth: WB Special".

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