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Announcement: Revision of “The Cardsharps” manip.



I can’t believe it, but only after receiving half a dozen lovely comments yesterday for my new manip of Caravaggio’s The Cardsharps did I notice that I had never put the top of Frodo’s ear back on!

It is often the case when using extra pieces of hair (to fill in where screencaps have cropped Frodo’s face too closely), that Frodo’s ears get covered up in the process. After the new hair goes on, one must cut out and re-apply a copy of the ear and finesse it into the new hair. This time, I completely forgot about it. Last night I remedied that, making a new revised version of the piece, complete with ear-tip.

This is just to let people who saw the manip yesterday know (and perhaps saved a copy of it), that a different version is up, with visible ear-tip, in its various sizes.

Realising that some of you might actually have preferred the version sans visible ear-tip (not being able to see it has a certain charm), I am posting a copy of it below, along with the new verson for comparison.

The difference between the versions is really subtle, yet it is an important one. Once that pointed ear-tip is on, there’s no mistaking the fact that the young gentleman is a hobbit.

Revised version, with the ear-tip exposed:

Cardsharps-CROPfrom1600w-Caravaggio, close-up of Frodo from large version

Original version, with the ear-tip covered up:

~ Mechtild

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