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Still mooning over the 'money shot'....

It's a Friday night, and, unexpectedly, I have the house to myself.

Am I working on my fic?

No, I am mooning over film-Frodo shots. My husband showed me how to make screencaps (SQUEEEE!), so I have started at the start, of course, with The Fellowship of the Ring. I was inspired to make screencaps because so many of my usual LotR screencap sources have begun drying up.

I have made a bunch already (although I forgot to save about an hour's worth before I closed the program -- d'oh), but I thought I'd put this little series up of the "money shot", as Dom called it in the FotR actor commentaries, just for the sheer pleasure of gazing at them.

It certainly is a money shot. Ka-ching. I'd step up and buy another ticket right this second. Save us, Mr. Frodo, but you're a dish! *sigh*

I wonder how many folks from the design team and in the production departments -- not to mention the women (Fran, Philippa, the AD's, the designers, all of them) -- didn't see these for the first time and go, "Holey Ja-moley! What a face!" I sure would have. Anyway, this could be a chance for some of you screencap Johnny-come-lately's to click-and-save on your favourite seconds of solid gold Frodo.

In order of appearance, here are some caps of Frodo's famed opening close-up, "The Money Shot":

*sigh again*

Click HERE for table of Frodo and Elijah Wood Screencaps.

~ Mechtild
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