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NF-Lee's Gildor and Frodo

Sammath Naur Pt. 9: ‘Don’t You Let Go’, plus jan-u-wine’s “In the Garden of the Mind”.

Posted on 2007.10.14 at 19:23


(Anonymous) at 2008-01-06 03:51 (UTC) (Link)
*looks down the length of tubby five foot one body and assures you: I Am NO Elf!*

You know, ladies, I am very much blessed in that I have a terrible memory. Once I've written these, I often forget all about them. So, often, I am able to share in your feelings of "this is my favorite" or "NO, *THIS* one is!" (and I have to say: they are ALL my favorites....but....some are just a little more favorite than others, lol)

It's very nice indeed to be able to experience one's own work almost in the same manner as a "virgin" reader does. And it feels very strange, then, to know that it is ME you are praising. And very nice, too. Very nice, indeed. I suppose we really shouldn't be praising *me* at all, but the man from whence all the words came to begin with. And (when we're done with that set of praises) his most wonderful creation, too.

Between those two sets of praise-songs, I imagine we might use up all the superlatives in the dictionary.

Mechtild and I have been having a discussion about light "sources" vs. light "reflectors". I must say that I am humbled and happy to be even the least of that secondary group For even being a reflector of the light of Frodo (which is, in turn, a reflection) is a very pure and beautiful thing to me.

(this is like playing "six degrees of Middle Earth (light) separation)

thank you again

julchen11 at 2008-01-06 13:31 (UTC) (Link)
"It's very nice indeed to be able to experience one's own work almost in the same manner as a "virgin" reader does"

I - as a greatful reader - take this as the biggest compliment!

Light sources vs. light reflectors - that's so beautifully said. I fully agree to this!

Speaking of light - I've found this little something this morning in one of my sketchbooks

So this is for you both

Beauty is a thing not held with hands;
A plant in the heart of man,
The garden of children’s laughter,
A quiet pool in the eyes of woman.
The calling that leads man far,
A whispering on the wind,
A flute under the white star,
The high urge of man’s desire,
The white flame in the red fire.
As Others Are
If we must be as others are,
Let us take the beauty of others’ lives
As the star of the hour.
Let us make a little nose-gay
Of the buds of their joys,
With the fragrance of their sorrows
And the understanding of their hearts.

Enjoy this gorgeous day!

And now there's lots for me to be written down - feather quill, ink and books are waiting.
That's the "work" I love most on a rainy Sunday afternoon.

See you soon, my friends.

Love and hugs,
(Anonymous) at 2008-01-06 15:33 (UTC) (Link)
Dear Julchen: that is a beautiful thing, indeed. It's like very delicate needle-work, where the thread has *just* been caught by the needle, forming fragile patterns.....and yet they have those layers of emotion that we were talking about yesterday (emotions "between" the lines)

thank you so much for sharing it, and have a good writing day (or are you drawing?)! (do you really use ink and quill? I'm impressed. My impatient self gave up at the first major puddle. But....the experience got recycled into a poem, so the lost ink was not so lost after all).

with love,

julchen11 at 2008-01-06 21:19 (UTC) (Link)
Dear Jan: I'm glad you like it ... it makes me smile.

And yes, I'm writing with a real quill and self-made lavender ink. It took quite a time to write with this quill but now it simply flows and I love to do it.
I've even found the fonds for Bilbo's handwriting few weeks ago and like to write just a little bit like good old Bilbo.
I didn't draw for a very long time but I started with it again last year but only with indian ink and sometimes with charcoal. Nothing special, most of the times I'm drawing hands

Lots of love,

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