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Happy Halloween, and thank you, Lembas Junkie!

I just wanted you all to know that Lembas, whom I know mostly from TORc, sent me the loveliest present, with which she completely surprised me. She made me a custom selection of songs she likes, burned them onto a CD, made a two-page annotated playlist to go with it ( not shown here), and made a GORGEOUS cover for the case, showing Frodo's farewell smile at the Grey Havens, bordered by antique musical manuscripts (also not shown here), AND, inside, she somehow personalized it, and put an image onto the disc itself, too, featuring one of my favourite Frodo shots.

I am too backwards, technologically, to know how.

Here's what the disc looks like:

Image hosted by

Out of pleasure and gratitude -- and since Lembas so loves fancy-dress and soooo loves Frodo -- I have costumed her in something extra-special for the Halloween ball.

And just wait until you see who is her date...!

~ Lembas and Frodo, by Vermeer....

Image hosted by

Lembas, I hope you like your own custom "Frodo Art Travesty" manip. You really are a special person. Thanks so much for the gift, and for all your friendly support and companionpanionable correspondence over this past year. It has been a privilege to get to know you.

~ Mechtild
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