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NF-Lee's Gildor and Frodo

Sammath Naur Pt. 5: Gollum Bites, plus jan-u-wine’s “Frodo’s Remembrance of Gollum”.

Posted on 2007.10.08 at 09:49


julchen11 at 2008-01-05 21:09 (UTC) (Link)
What a post! All happens so quickly in the movie and now I’m scrolling back and forth, up and down … looking at those wonderful details. The filmmakers and all people working on this scene (ok, not only on this scene) did a wonderful job.
Frodo *sigh* - just beautiful, yes, beautiful!

Jan’s poem … *sigh* - I know why she’s my favourite poem !
Not only the words are written down, oh no, - there are emotions BETWEEN the lines – there’s so much to hear, one just has to “listen” to the beauty of words.

Great work, lovey, absolutely great. I wanted to read your 10 chapters all at once – but I’ll make it step by step because emotions taking over.

You should see the pictures PRINTED ... they are fascinating, I don't even dare to touch them.

See you later again!
Love and gently hugs,
mechtild at 2008-01-05 21:35 (UTC) (Link)
It's such a powerful scene, how can it *not* make great caps and inspire super poetry?

Not only the words are written down, oh no, - there are emotions BETWEEN the lines – there’s so much to hear, one just has to “listen” to the beauty of words.

That's great, Julchen, a wonderful description! But it takes a good hearer to hear. :)
julchen11 at 2008-01-05 21:38 (UTC) (Link)
jan's of course my favourite poeT - it must be the Frodo fever ... LOL

I love listening to beautiful words ... jan's as well as your's, sweetie!
(Anonymous) at 2008-01-05 23:30 (UTC) (Link)
Dear Julchen: comments like yours are the greatest compliment(s) I could ever receive. It is humbling to know that you perceive layers of sound and emotion in these poems. I think you must be right: it's a sort of "fever" that impels these, really.

Thank you so much. I don't know what to say. To have anyone name me their favorite poet is quite overwhelming, like suddenly coming upon a statue of yourself in a public square. It's something I never thought nor dreamed of. BUt wonderful and mystical nonetheless. thank you!

julchen11 at 2008-01-06 00:02 (UTC) (Link)
You don't know what to say? Oh, my dear. You don't know how many times I was just sitting here - reading, thinking and not a single word would come out. Whenever emotions taking over first there are no words - for my part.
Your poems - I LOVE poetry since ever but NEVER have I EVER read poems with so much love and grace to FEEL.
Well written words guide our world with love and smiles, our toughts and our feelings.
Your poems are NOT to top! I call more than 200 books of poetry my own, I collected more than 20.000 poems - but yours are the treasure of my library.
Word to this.

Thank YOU and thank mechtild,
(Anonymous) at 2008-01-06 21:17 (UTC) (Link)
now I am even more speechless. Ask around: this doesn't happen very often (at least, not in writing). It's sort of nice .....and sort of scary, too, being praised like this. On a practical note, if only more people felt as you do, perhaps I might actually be able to make a living writing. No matter, though, it is very nice indeed that you are so touched by these works. They *are* done with a great deal of care, so it means so very much that someone takes just as much care to read and respond to them. Many would not. So thank YOU, dear Julchen!

(and, always, always, I thank dear Mechtild. I doubt that we will ever be "cured" of our fanaticism, my friend. We shall be patiently "chewing" on some fine point when the....white ship pulls up at the dock for us)

one can always dreme.

julchen11 at 2008-01-06 21:33 (UTC) (Link)
LOL - so you like to talk as much as I do? It's unbelievable :-)

"and sort of scary, too, being praised like this..."
Sweetie, truth MUST be told! You can be sure - whenever something touches me I CAN'T be quiet. So you be warned ... for the future!

"when the white ship pulls up at the dock for us..."

Hey there - don't forget about ME!!!
I'll find you - wherever you are...

you'll always meet me in the stars!

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