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Sammath Naur Pt. 3: ‘Just let it go!’, plus a trio of poems from jan-u-wine.


I decided to post these three jan-u-wine poems in one entry.

The screencaps below include the critical moment in which Frodo first seems mesmerized by the Ring, a moment that suits these poems beautifully. The poems, each quite short but powerful, were written specifically for this series.

The first of jan-u-wine's poems is written from the point of view of Frodo; the second is from Sam's. The last is written from Sauron's point of view, speaking through the Ring, his Instrument.

I thought they made an excellent narrative trio, and ought, therefore, to be presented together. The poems appear below the caps.


Sam: What are you waiting for? Just let it go!

The Mastering

Most of all,

of all,

I recall the stilling beat of my heart.

I suppose there is never more life to be felt
than in those last small moments

before *you* die.

unlike the stumbling rhythm

to silence,

does not fail me.

Oh, no,

I am caught at last on the death-sharp edge of it,
my very vision awash in gold,

ears deaf to all but the longed-for terror and beauty of Its voice,

and even surer-willed
in my need.

A sound intrudes upon Its golden singing,
a name I should know


with dimmed memory.


Someone calls to me.

Someone says the word that used to be


And something inside


and presses dark cold fingers to what is left

and I give over,
as I wish to,

as I must.

And I answer.

As I wish to.

As I must.

I am here, Sam.


am here.

~ * ~ * ~ * ~* ~* ~* ~* ~ * ~* ~* ~*~*~


No, my master.


are not.

A Comfort That Word Was to Me


A comfort that word was to me,

a telling, inside its small framework
that all was right,

all ordered and safe within
the very meaning of it.

My Master is not here, now,
even though

his eyes look to mine
a final time.

There is sorrow





As loud and final as if his tongue had formed the word,
I hear it echo between us,

feel it like the vanishing beat of distant wings.

And then he is gone,


though his body still stands before me,
mouth twisting with words,

eyes mocking and lit by flame.

Oh, master,


The Quest is ended.



Only the Golden Dark

If I should will it,

the red of his blood
would boil

inside his veins,

paint these heated walls,

add its small current to the river
hungering below.


I should will it,

I might take his mind,

still forever
the remnant of him

foolishly enduring.


but I……


am a creature of light,
a being of………certain


certain justices.

I shall treat with him in mercy,
in justice.

He shall not die.

The fragile tremble of his heart,
the small force of his thoughts
will continue.

For now,
there is a World to consider,

dread punishment to be paid out;
long-delayed order to be brought.

In many an Age after this day
we shall speak,

he and I,

upon the circumstances
of his failure.

And in the absence of all light
shall he perceive the rage of my laughter,

and in undying grief

the golden



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