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NF-Lee's Gildor and Frodo

Yep, I went to the LotR Exhibit in Indianapolis, Oct. 24, 2005....

Posted on 2005.10.24 at 16:48


mechtild at 2005-10-26 02:32 (UTC) (Link)
You poor thing, singled out by the Tower guard! At least they didn't toss you in jail as a would-be terrorist.

You are right: what is the point of all these rules at the LotR exhibit? All I could think of about picture-taking is that the accumulated effect of the flashes might diminish the exhibits' colour. Or maybe they just thought a lot of flashing cameras would spoil the atmosphere in there (it's quite dark, with the displayed items carefully lit). As for sketching, I suggested elsewhere that they wouldn't like to encourage people to do the amount of loitering necessary to sketching. If they want to keep the crowds moving, they won't want people sketching. As for the note-taking, I just don't get it, no matter how I ponder it. A senseless rule.
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