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K-D is back up .... and I'm off to see the LotR exhibit in Indiana

Yep, The Harem thread had to go camping for a day and a night, but K-D is back up.

After a night around the campfire, with Frodo joining us for a rousing game of, "Tent peg, tent peg, who's got the tent peg?"(poor lad; he's still recuperating), I woke up this morning to see that my favourite hang-out was back on line. Woo hoo!

Just for the information of those I know on line, I will be gone away, starting tomorrow (in the wee hours)until late Sunday night.

I am off for my first and probably last K-D "hoot." I will be meeting at least a dozen K-D fans to see the LotR Museum exhibit on Sat. Oct. 22nd. Also, I will be seeing all three of the films (theatrical versions) at the IMAX that is connected to it. (They won't be in IMAX format, but they will be on their Big Screen.) I can't WAIT. FotR is being shown tomorrow night, and TTT on Friday. I am arriving early enough to see those, too, but not everyone else is. RotK, which is on Sat. night, will be seen by most of us assembling, since our exhibit tickets are for that morning.

I plan to drive back here (10-12 hours) on Sunday.

You who already have seen this exhibit, or have seen the films on huge screens have done much to whet our appetites for these experiences. I know you wish us well.

~ Mechtild
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