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NF-Lee's Gildor and Frodo

The Stairs of Cirith Ungol Pt. 4 ~ “Go home.…”

Posted on 2007.07.23 at 08:30


(Anonymous) at 2007-07-26 21:22 (UTC) (Link)
Book-Frodo did not have time to react after Gollum
had wrenched the Ring (and his finger!) from him.
Things happened quickly. After the Ring and Gollum
had fallen, Sam carried the injured Frodo away. As
you say, Mechtild, perhaps because the Ring was destroyed Frodo was able then to 'let go.' The burden had been lifted; he was free of It. I think we do see
a glimpse of 'madness' in film Frodo though, as he
lunges for Gollum. EW has said that the scene was
intended to be ambiguous, but he felt that Frodo's
motivation at that point was to re-claim the Ring.
Tolkien says in his Letters that in order not to
have failed morally, Frodo - once he had claimed
the Ring, and if he had not been attacked by Gollum
- would have had to cast himself with the Ring into
the Fire, for he would have been unable to give
It up freely.

I often wonder if Frodo was at all 'conscious' of
events in the Sammath Naur once the Ring took
control. I think Frodo's sense of self was
completley subdued, his own will overpowered - and
rather the Ring claimed HIM!

I fear I have ventured too far ahead - Frodo has
still to face the tunnel - alone! Well, if he will
send Sam away...

mechtild at 2007-07-26 23:57 (UTC) (Link)
I think his will was subdued, too. I don't think he was "insane" though, in the sense of out of his mind or unable to be a spectator of what was happening. In fact I picture his subdued self doing the things that another part of him, his remaining true self, had to watch as they happened, mute and powerless, which was why he could feel guilty and filled with regret later on. I am sure a part of him saw everything that happened in there. If he were completely possessed, he wouldn't have remembered a thing.

But, yes, we'll get to that! There's still a TON of Shelob's lair caps, then the Tower, then a recap of Gorgoroth in order to showcase a great poem of Jan's, then the EE fight on Mt. Doom (bleh), then the Sammath Naur itself, which is another ton of caps. I already presented the "I can see the Shire" scene and all the last scenes a year or so ago.
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