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Behind-the-scenes & Misc.

From the DVD Extras:

~ “Do They Gandalf?” from trailer.

~ Frodo’s eyes, Lorien ~ real colour, from documentary.

~ Frodo’s eyes, Lorien ~ purple colour, from trailer.

~ Miscellaneous Frodo from documentaries – profile shot; light check; hobbits following Aragorn.

~ Frodo plays drum, from documentary.

~ Sam and Frodo seated at Party, from documentary.

~ Frodo dancing with partner, from FotR.

~ Frodo dancing; Sam and Frodo hugging, from documentary.

~ Lothlórien Pt. 3: “Welcome, Frodo” ~ Galadriel greets the Ring-bearer (includes retouched caps from “Teaser One” from the TE Extras of FotR).

~ Elijah and Dom in costume, posing for stills in front of cart, from documentary.

~ Elijah in costume, laughing, w dialect coach Andrew Jack.

~ Elijah in sword training, also with Dom.

~ TTT Extras Pt. 1: 'The Long and the Short of It'.

~ TTT Extras Pt. 2: Assorted caps with Elijah Wood.

~ TTT Extras Pt. 3: Elijah Wood interviewed, looking like angel.

~ TTT Extras Pt. 4: Miscellaneous stills and publicity shots.

~ TTT Extras Pt. 5: Screencaps from the extras compared to final film versions.

~ RotK EE Misc. Screencaps from "Cameras in Middle-earth", Pt. I.

~ RotK EE Misc. Screencaps, Pt. II.

~ FotR Ltd. Edition DVD Extras - Misc. caps.

~ FotR Ltd. Edition - Filming "Shortcut to Mushrooms".

~ FotR Ltd. Edition - EW laughs going over lines with Andrew Jack.

~ FotR Ltd. Edition - the "improv" scene w Billy and Dom.

~ FotR Ltd. Edition - costume check before Moria.

~ FotR Ltd. Edition - Frodo in front of blue screen.

~ TTT Ltd. Edition - "Guy Humour" with Billy, Dom, Orlando, and Viggo.

~ Ltd. Editions - TTT and RotK - "This is Sting" and Frodo watching Sam in the Sammath Naur.

~ RotK Ltd. Edition - Frolijah in Shelob's lair.

~ Frodo Writes the Red Book, Pt. 3, with "The Tale of the Tale" by jan-u-wine.

~ The End of an Era (caps from RotK EE Extras), Elijah Wood farewells P.J.

From Miscellaneous Sources:

~ Two Beauties: Audrey Hepburn and Film Frodo.

~ Widescreen vs. Fullscreen - a comparison.

~ The 2007 Calendar by Pierre Vinet, all images.

~ Premiere 2002 Issue of LotR fan mag -- cover image.

~ Premiere issue -- Frodo "Frenzy" firelight portrait.

~ Premiere issue -- Frodo at foot of tree; Frodo in road with Ring.

~ Premiere issue -- Sam full-length shot; Sam and Frodo portrait.

~ Image for “Into the West” lyrics, plus similar "Dark Beauty" shot.

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