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NF-Lee's Gildor and Frodo

ROTK Screencaps ~ Page of Links....

Posted on 2007.06.24 at 20:44
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ROTK Screencaps

ROTK LJ Entries:

~ Ithilien Pt. 1: Ithilien Grows Dark ~ plus jan-u-wine’s “Too Often”.

~ Ithilien Pt. 2: “The Days Are Growing Darker”.

~ Ithilien Pt. 3: “I Need You On My Side.”

~ Ithilien Pt. 4: 'We're not in decent places.'

~ Ithilien Pt. 5: The Cross-roads, plus jan-u-wine's "At the Cross-roads of the King".

~ Minas Morgul Pt. 1: The Dead City.

~ Minas Morgul Pt. 2: ‘No one will ever know’, plus jan-u-wine’s “Moon Tower”.

~ Stairs of Cirith Ungol Pt. 1: Main essay for this series, plus EE scene, "You listen to me...."

~ Stairs of Cirith Ungol Pt. 2: “He wants it….”

~ Stairs of Cirith Ungol Pt. 3: “I can carry it….”

~ Stairs of Cirith Ungol Pt. 4: “Go home….”

~ Shelob's Lair, Pt. 1: Entering the tunnel.

~ Shelob's Lair, Pt. 2: Frodo is betrayed.

~ Shelob's Lair, Pt. 3: Shelob perceived, plus jan-u-wine’s “That Which Waits”.

~ Shelob's Lair, Pt. 4: The Star-glass.

~ Shelob's Lair, Pt. 5: Shelob attacks.

~ Shelob's Lair, Pt. 6: Gollum taunts Frodo.

~ Shelob's Lair, Pt. 7: Frodo attacked by Gollum.

~ Shelob's Lair, Pt. 8: Gollum makes his plea.

~ Shelob's Lair, Pt. 9: Frodo resolves to go forward, plus jan-u-wine’s “The Web-ring”.

~ Tower of Cirith Ungol, Pt. 1: Frodo awakes, plus jan-u-wine’s “In Dremes”.

~ Tower of Cirith Ungol, Pt. 2: Sam rescues Frodo, plus main essay for this series.

~ Tower of Cirith Ungol, Pt. 3: Frodo takes back the Ring.

~ Gorgoroth Pt. I ~ the EE scenes, plus jan-u-wine’s ‘There is Light Which Does Not Fail’.

~ Gorgoroth Pt. II ~ The Eye Bears Down, plus jan-u-wine's "Last Day".

~ Gorgoroth Pt. III ~ On the slopes of Mt. Doom, with jan-u-wine's "Even As I".

~ Gorgoroth Pt. IV ~ "Naked in the dark...", with jan-u-wine's "All That I Deem Precious".

Same scene, widescreen version:

~ Gorgoroth Revisited 1a: “None Left”.

~ Gorgoroth Revisited 1b: ‘No Return Journey’.

~ Gorgoroth Revisited Pt. 2: Frodo falls, plus jan-u-wine’s “Where You Are Bound”.

~ Gorgoroth Revisited Pt. 3a: ‘Do you remember the Shire’, plus jan-u-wine’s “Another Sunless Dawn”.

~ Gorgoroth Revisited Pt. 3b: ‘Let us be rid of it’, plus jan-u-wine’s “The Last Hours”.

~ On the slopes of Mt. Doom: Gollum attacks.

~ Sammath Naur Intro: "Why I fell for Frodo” ~ Main essay for series (this essay is friends locked).

~ Sammath Naur 1: ‘I’m here, Sam.’

~ Sammath Naur 2: ‘Throw It in the fire!’

~ Sammath Naur 3: ‘Just let It go!’, plus three poems by jan-u-wine.

~ Sammath Naur 4: ‘The Ring is mine’, plus jan-u-wine’s “That Which Is My Own”.

~ Sammath Naur 5: Gollum Bites, plus jan-u-wine’s “Frodo’s Remembrance of Gollum.

~ Sammath Naur 6: Gollum Falls, plus essay on Gollum’s oath.

~ Sammath Naur 7: ‘Give Me Your Hand’, plus jan-u-wine’s “Within the Chamber”.

~ Sammath Naur 8: ‘Take my hand’, plus jan-u-wine’s “The Claiming".

~ Sammath Naur 9: ‘Don't you let go’, plus jan-u-wine’s “In the Garden of the Mind".

~ Sammath Naur 10: ‘Reach’, plus jan-u-wine’s “And I Don’t Mean To".

~ Sammath Naur Escape Pt 1: Leap over the lava, plus jan-u-wine’s “They Are Here".

~ Sammath Naur Escape Pt 2: ‘It’s done.’

~ ‘I can see the Shire’ in widescreen, plus jan-u-wine's “March 25”.

~ The End of All Things Pt. I: "It's Done..."

~ The End of All Things Pt. II: "I can see the Shire..."

~ The End of All Things Pt. III: "Rosie Cotton, dancing..."

~ The End of All Things Pt. IV: "If ever I was to marry someone..."

~ The End of All Things Pt. V: "I'm glad to be with you..."

~ For March 25, 2009: Misc. widescreen caps from the destruction of the Ring, plus jan-u-wine's "Perhaps".

~ For March 25, 2007: Misc. caps from the fall of Barad-dûr, plus jan-u-wine's "Frodo's Journal".

~ Frodo borne by the eagle, plus jan-u-wine’s "There and Back Again".

~ The Houses of Healing Pt. 1: Frodo wakes, plus jan-u-wine’s “Naught to Be Forgiven".

~ The Houses of Healing Pt. 2: Frodo sees Sam, plus jan-u-wine’s “Harthad Uluithiad” and “Bronwe Athan Harthad”.

~ Aragorn's Coronation and Honouring of the Hobbits.

~ Frodo Returns to Bag End - establishing shots.

~ Frodo Writes the Red Book, Pt. 1, featuring "Star of the Sea", by Pearl, Pt. I.

~ Frodo Writes the Red Book, Pt. 2, featuring "Star of the Sea", Pt. II.

~ Frodo Writes the Red Book, Pt. 3, with "The Tale of the Tale" by jan-u-wine (caps from the RotK Extras).

~ Frodo Finishes the Red Book, featuring "I Have a Little Shadow" by jan-u-wine.

~ Elanor is Born, Pt. 1 ~ "The Fairest Flower" by jan-u-wine.

~ Elanor is Born, Pt. 2 ~ "No Child of My Body" by jan-u-wine.

~ Ride to the Grey Havens, Pt. I.

~ Ride to the Grey Havens, Pt. II and jan-u-wine's "Now Far Ahead the Road Has Gone".

~ Ride to the Havens in widescreen, plus “A Visit to Hobbiton” and “The Portrait” by jan-u-wine.

~ Setting out for the Havens ~ Frodo and Sam's farewell.

~ Farewell to Merry and Pippin, plus jan-u-wine's "Namárië".

~ Frodo Sails: The Smile.

~ Sam Grieves by the Shore (caps from FotR), plus jan-u-wine's "Not So Easily Mended".

~ Frodo Waits For Sam Across the Sea (caps from FotR), with "Soon" by jan-u-wine.

~ A Life Remembered, with "A Sailor's Quest" by jan-u-wine.

~ The End of an Era (caps from the RotK Extras), Elijah Wood farewells P.J.

~ ‘An Extra Ordinary Life’: a retrospective poem by jan-u-wine, with screencaps from the three films.

~ Thank-you’s from Mechtild and jan-u-wine, plus screencap pairs from FotR and RotK.

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