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NF-Lee's Gildor and Frodo

Fotr Screencaps ~ Page of Links....

Posted on 2007.06.24 at 20:36
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FotR Screencaps

FotR LJ Entries:

~ The Money Shot: Frodo’s opening close-up.

~ Cart scene I.

~ Cart Scene II.

~ EE Cart Ride with Gandalf, plus jan-u-wine’s 'Halimath 1389'.

~ Frodo and Bilbo’s EE scene inside the Party Tent.

~ EE Party Tent Scene, plus jan-u-wine’s ‘Dremes and Dragons’.

~ Frodo seated at the Party: smiles.

~ Frodo calls for a speech.

~ Frodo reacts to Bilbo’s disappearance at the party.

~ Fireside scene Pt. 1: Frodo receives the Ring in the envelope.

~ Fireside scene Pt. 2: "Fiery letters..."

~ Fireside scene Pt. 3: "Take it!"

~ Fireside scene Pt. 4: "Amazing creatures..."

~ Frodo and Sam before dawn leaving the Shire, plus some“Get off the Road".

~ EE ‘Wood Elves!’ scene, plus jan-u-wine’s ‘Bell’ and ‘Mellon’.

~ Frodo emerges from rows of corn.

~ Pippin pounces; four hobbits.

~ Frodo in “Get off the Road” scene.

~ Frodo hides beneath a tree root.

~ Frodo escapes through the woods to the Buckleberry Ferry.

~ At Bree Gate and outside the Prancing Pony.

~ Bree: Frodo enters the Prancing Pony.

~ Bree: Frodo asks after Gandalf.

~ Bree: Frodo asks about Strider.

~ Bree: The Ring Calls.

~ Bree: Frodo hears Pippin.

~ Bree: Frodo recovers from his Ring fit.

~ "Look fairer, feel fouler" from the EE of FotR.

~ Riv. 1 – Frodo recovered in Rivendell, with jan-u-wine’s “They All Imagine”, in honour of March 25th.

~ Riv. 2 – Reunion with the cousins, plus jan-u-wine’s “The Gifts of the Three Hobbits”.

Photobucket ~ Riv. 3 – Reunion with Bilbo, plus jan-u-wine’s ‘Rivendell Suite Pt. 1’.

Photobucket ~ Riv. 4 – The Red Book: ‘This is wonderful!’, plus jan-u-wine’s ‘Rivendell Suite Pt. 2’.

Photobucket ~ Riv. 5 – The Red Book: ‘I’m not like you, Bilbo’, plus jan-u-wine’s ‘Rivendell Suite Pt. 3’.

Photobucket ~ Riv. 6 – ‘Ready to go home’, plus jan-u-wine's "Soon".

Photobucket ~ Riv. 7 – 'Bring forth the Ring, Frodo', plus jan-u-wine's 'Rivendell Suite Pt. 4'.

~ Riv. 8 – ‘Never trust an Elf!', plus jan-u-wine’s ‘Rivendell Suite Pt. 5’.

Photobucket ~ Riv. 9 – ‘I will take it!’, plus jan-u-wine’s “Heir to the Dreamer”.

Photobucket ~ Riv. 10 – ‘Though I do not know the way’, plus jan-u-wine’s 'The Counsel of Elrond’.

~ Riv. 11 – ‘We're coming, too!', plus jan-u-wine’s 'On Being Part of a Grand Story'.

~ Riv. 12 – The presentation of Sting, plus jan-u-wine’s 'Finely Crafted'.

~ Riv. 13 - The mithril shirt, plus jan-u-wine's 'Rivendell Suite Pt. 6'.

~ Riv. 14 – Bilbo transformed, plus jan-u-wine's 'Rivendell Suite Pt. 7'.

~ Riv. 15 – Bilbo's remorse, plus jan-u-wine's 'Rivendell Suite Pt. 8'.

~ Riv. 16 – Farewell to Rivendell: caps from the widescreen EE version.

~ “Who then do I trust?” and jan-u-wine’s ‘In the Telling’.

~ Moria Pt. 1: Frodo and Gandalf talk, plus jan-u-wine's "In Durin's Halls".

~ Moria Pt. 2: The troll attack and "I'm not hurt".

~ Moria Pt. 3: The Mithril Shirt ~ A Screen Icon.

~ Lothlórien Pt. 1: ‘The Voice of Galadriel’, with reflection on Frodo’s powers of perception.

~ Lothlórien Pt. 2: "You can go no further".

~ Lothlórien Pt. 3: “Welcome, Frodo” ~ Galadriel greets the Ring-bearer.

~ Galadriel's Glade 1: "What will I see?" plus jan-u-wine's 'Lórien Suite 1'.

~ Galadriel’s Glade 2: Frodo looks in the mirror, plus jan-u-wine's 'Lórien Suite 2'.

~ Galadriel's Glade 3: "I know what it is you saw", plus jan-u-wine's 'Lórien Suite 3'.

~ Galadriel's Glade Pt. 4a - "You offer it to me freely".

~ Galadriel's Glade Pt. 4b - "I know what I must do..." plus jan-u-wine's 'Lórien Suite 4'.

~ Galadriel's Glade Pt. 5 - "Even the smallest person..." plus jan-u-wine's 'Lórien Suite 5'.

~ Departure from Lórien Pt. 1: Galadriel’s gift.

~ Departure from Lórien Pt. 2: Down the Anduin.

~ Amon Hen, Pt. I: Frodo listens to Boromir.

~ Amon Hen, Pt. II: Frodo becomes alarmed.

~ Amon Hen, Pt. III: Frodo listens to Aragorn.

~ Amon Hen, Pt. IV: Frodo hides from the Orcs.

FotR caps used for other entries:

~ “Do They Gandalf?” from FotR trailer.

~ Frodo’s eyes, Lorien ~ real colour, from DVD documentary.

~ Frodo’s eyes, Lorien ~ purple colour, from FotR trailer.

~ Sam Grieves by the Shore, plus jan-u-wine's "Not So Easily Broken" (for RotK entry).

~ Frodo Waits For Sam Across the Sea, plus "Soon" by jan-u-wine (for RotK entry).

~ Ride to the Havens in widescreen, plus “A Visit to Hobbiton” and “The Portrait” by jan-u-wine.

~ Screencap pairs from FotR and RotK, plus thank-you’s from Mechtild and jan-u-wine.

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julchen11 at 2007-07-22 00:08 (UTC) (Link)
Awww, that's fantastic, sweetie! I missed so much, I'm too far behind an now all my favorites HERE.
Have a wonderful weekend, dearie! Hope you are doing well.
Missed you! you know I'll come back to every single entry (after printing and translating, LOL).

Love you a lot,
mechtild at 2007-07-24 01:05 (UTC) (Link)
Thank you, Julchen, I'm back. But I am far behind catching up on things.
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