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NF-Lee's Gildor and Frodo

Nope, Frodo wasn't in it, but it sure was good....

Posted on 2005.10.16 at 00:16


mechtild at 2005-10-16 23:21 (UTC) (Link)
Nope, Pearl, I didn't love Emma's Trelawny. I suppose I had pictured someone else too intensely (a problem with any book-to-film adaptation). Probably it's because I, myself, am so old. "Old" Sybily Trelawny per Emma was just too young! Not in years, but in era. She could have been at one of my sister's parties in Northern California. I expected someone far more retro -- someone who would use retro things book Trelawny was into: classic devices such as tea leaves, palms and crystal balls. Thompson's Trelawny looked more likely to have used numerology, aroma threrapy, room ambience, Myers-Briggs Types Indicators (love that Myers Briggs!) and various new age frou-frou.

As for HP slash, as I said in Frazzylou's LJ, Rowling herself seems to have set herself up for underage NC-17 stuff. She's very adamant to show that kids are ready and able to take on adult challenges and responsibilities. Why not adult sex? As for Draco, still can't see it. Not because he's too young, but because he's too puling, cowardly and snivelling to be deserving of starring in compelling erotic fic, slash or het.

I can't tell you how disappointed I was at the end of book Six, to find that neither Draco nor Snape experienced a eucatastrophe. I was so hoping that one or both would turn, at the 11th hour, from the Dark Side. I really expected (and hoped) that SOME "bad" character in the HP stories would manage to be lifted out of absolute wickedness, even if only in a deathbed act.

Maybe she is saving it for book Seven? I hope so!
pearlette at 2005-10-17 21:18 (UTC) (Link)
I hope so too!

She's really got her work cut out to tie up a lot of things in a cathartic way in Book Seven. *gulp*
mechtild at 2005-10-17 21:46 (UTC) (Link)
She's really got her work cut out to tie up a lot of things in a cathartic way in Book Seven.

Yeah. Maybe it will be even longer than Book 5!!!

P.S. As for Draco fic, I heard in an email from an LJer that the hot Draco fic she's read presents a Draco who simply is not recognizable from the books. Well, that explains one reason there could be a lot of Draco slash out there. I thought maybe some fans had jumped on "Draco crying to Myrtle in the bathroom" to do some hurt/comfort stuff. Maybe they, too, are merely desperate for some character's redemption happening in the books. Draco's, Snape's, Voldemort's; anybody's.
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