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2007 LotR Calendar Scans….


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I loved the 2007 LotR Portrait Calendar so much (photos by Pierre Vinet, who did virtually all the stills for the three films), I asked my husband to scan the pages so that I could make large versions to use online. I had some of these saved from internet sites already (like Frodo, Bilbo, and Sam), but none of them were big.

The pages were too large for the scanner, so the bottoms of the portraits were cut off. I had to crop the bottoms further for light-bleed, since the cover couldn't completely shut. The scans were a little washed-out, too, so I tweaked them to better match the originals.

I am quite pleased with how the finished images came out, large and clean. I am sorry about the bottoms being cut off, of course. (If any of you have large versions of the full portraits, I would love to have them!)

If anyone wants the full-sized scans, which are too large for Photobucket (each 7,000-13,000 KB), I will email them to you. The full scans have also been tweaked, but not cropped (showing holes at top, light-bleed at bottom). If you wanted to make hard copies, you might want to use these after you crop them or fiddle with them further.

Below is posted the large image of Frodo. For the rest of the portraits, please click open the thumbnails. (I did it this way so the page wouldn’t take so long to open.)


Again, much thanks and praise to the talents of photographer Pierre Vinet for his superb work here and elsewhere on the film project.

~ Large version of Frodo’s portrait:

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Note to people not familiar with opening images:

Once opened, the images under the thumbnails can be made still larger by clicking the button in the lower right-hand corner of the image. Hover the mouse over that area to find the button:

~ Mechtild

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