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NF-Lee's Gildor and Frodo

2007 LotR Calendar Scans….

Posted on 2007.06.02 at 11:55


bellewood at 2007-06-03 01:51 (UTC) (Link)
These are truly stunning.. I adore the Frodo picture most of all, naturally. Thank you so much..big is so much better isn't it.
I want to take this opprtunity too to say i have all your lovely screen caps saved in a special file..they are so very lovely. please accept my apologies for not commenting on them sooner..all your posts are wonderful. I read them all but don't always have the time to comment.. thank you so much!
mechtild at 2007-06-03 02:13 (UTC) (Link)
Bellewood, hello! I can't read your LJ name without thinking of you and the rest working as extras on the Oxford Murders. I am SO hoping that plays here. Otherwise I'll have to wait until it goes to DVD. When the film comes out, you--all of you--simply must say if you see yourselves in the lecture crowd final cut. How cool it would be to make the final print!

Yes, these shots of Pierre Vinet's were just great. I was thrilled when they were put into a calendar. Above, Ann (Marwalk) pined that no characters introduced in TTT or RotK were represented in the calendar. I thought maybe they'd do another with their pictures (the protagonists from Rohan and Gondor, plus Treebeard), but she thinks not; not enough market left at this point. I suppose she's right. *sigh* But I'd LEAP at the opportunity to buy a book of Vinet's LotR cast portraits (he shot SO many!!!--film scenes and behind the scenes). Maybe, some day they'll publish such a book? I won't hold my breath, but would I be thrilled!
bellewood at 2007-06-03 02:38 (UTC) (Link)
A book would indeed be thrilling..i don't really know much about Vinet's work, but if these pictures are anything to go by, then it's truly stunning! I'd really love to see his 'behind the scenes' pictures..i imagine they'd be wonderful. I love the way he's captured Frodo's complex character.. i agree totally with the comment earlier from Pearlette..one side of his face is so pure and innocent and light..while the other is sooo dark and secretive and sexy..fabulous!

Thankfully The OMs looks set to be released here, but not sure when. Odeon Sky filmworks has picked up the distribution rights, and it'll be shown in theatres before going to sky television...i'm SO pleased! NOT that i'm looking forward to seeing myself on screen though..IF we make it into the final cut, that is.. Having said that..as long as the whole scene isn't cut, which i can't see somehow, then i would think my friends and i will be in it.. we were seated right by where John Hurt's character stops to deliver some of his lines..so you may see us on screen yet!

mechtild at 2007-06-03 02:43 (UTC) (Link)
I am sure you know Vinet's work. He did all the publicity stills -- Frodo and Sam watching the Elves in what became an EE scene in FotR, the publicity versions of Sam carrying Frodo over his shoulders up Mt. Doom, all those super, huge, high-quality studio portraits of Frodo, and Frodo and Gandalf, done before (or during) LotR. He was a huge asset to LotR; I would so love to see a showing or compendium of his LotR photographic work!

~ M

P.S. I'll be looking for you when I ever get to see OM!!!
bellewood at 2007-06-03 02:58 (UTC) (Link)
Ah, right..now i know. Of course i've seen his work, i just didn't take that much notice of who the photographer was..very remiss of me i know! Thanks.
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