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NF-Lee's Gildor and Frodo

2007 LotR Calendar Scans….

Posted on 2007.06.02 at 11:55


mechtild at 2007-06-02 23:53 (UTC) (Link)
Do notice the two sides of his face, and how the two together make up the irresistable whole: the left side, all creamy and pure, is Innocent Fro, the right side, shadowed and sexy, is Devilish Fro.

You know, Pearl, except in colour (in which, it turned out, the colour was fake anyway), I didn't really respond to this Frodo portrait. In its large, detailed version, I do. But I didn't know why I still found it unsettling, as if it were a portrait of someone else. I think you have put your finger on it. Tairie (who is an artist) was the first to point out to me how very different the two sides of EW's (and thus Frodo's) face are, particularly his eyes. She thought it added to his intriguing appeal. The lighting, as you point out, does a lot here.

I followed your lead and covered first one side and then the other with my hand. Good heavens, what a difference! You are so on target! The left side has a very mild, beneficent look; the right, an intense look, which fans can interpret as Ring-Frodo--or sex-Frodo--perhaps they are the same thing (*g*). Anyway, wow.

I can't agree on Arwen. Yes her face is too long--Liv Tyler's face is too long for how wide it is, that is true. Her straight-on shots are usually not that good unless she is shot from above (foreshortening the lower part of her face), of if her close-ups are so close they concentrate on her huge, fathomless eyes, high brow, and full mouth, cutting off her chin at a point that conceals the length of her face. But it is not that her face is too long, but too narrow. If she had the same length face but a wider face, it would all be in proportion. Her profile shots are all EXQUISITE.
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