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NF-Lee's Gildor and Frodo

HA # 7 of 7: “The Ring is taking me, Sam" ~ Faramir succumbs to the Ring.

Posted on 2007.05.19 at 20:25


(Anonymous) at 2007-05-22 22:45 (UTC) (Link)
I especially like the book-quote you have used for this set of screencaps, Mechtild. I always loved Frodo's determination to keep faith with his promise to Gollum, and Faramir's fair judgement is proof of the obvious trust he placed in Frodo. It's a far cry from the film scene!

But yes, it does make for nice screencaps! Frodo in those first few stills puts me in mind of a character from the silent film era.

The Ithilien and HA series has been a pleasure to view and your commentaries a delight to read, even though there is so much film-content that irks us. Oh, when you think of what could have been...

Many thanks, as always.


mechtild at 2007-05-23 13:12 (UTC) (Link)
Thank you for commenting, Blossom. I always appreciate reading your notes and am tickled that you have read a series.

On Frodo as silent film actor, I read somewhere during or after the release of RotK that the scenes of him as the film went on reminded the viewer deeply of silent film acting. That he had a strong-featured face which seemed to be able to handle the highly, if over-wrought level of the angsty, melodramatic scenes, the high drama conveyed by his extreme facial acting giving a sense of grand opera to scenes that might not have been there had they used a different actor or played the scenes more "realistically". I had thought of that when I first saw RotK, but didn't know what it was. I think your "silent film" note is related to that.

In The Faculty it was once commented that he might make a good Buster Keaton. (See Este's comment below.) He could do the face, that's for sure, and he's great at physical bendiness and pratfalls. But Johnny Depp, surprisingly, looks even more like Buster Keaton. It would depend on how old they were going to play him... Do you think we could interest someone in making such a film? :)
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