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NF-Lee's Gildor and Frodo

Ithilien: Sam sees the Oliphaunts, plus a poem by jan-u-wine….

Posted on 2007.05.02 at 22:48


bagma at 2007-05-03 14:27 (UTC) (Link)
I am glad you decided to cap that scene; it's one of my favourite scenes, both in the book and the film. I love that Frodo and Sam didn't lose their sense of wonder and are still able to marvel at the Oliphaunts, despite their difficult situation.

I also think the EE version is better, and gives us an good insight into Faramir's way of thinking. I know that some people hate Faramir in the film, but I find him a complex and interesting character, even if he's very different from Faramir in the book.

Maybe it's just because of David Wenham, though...:)

mechtild at 2007-05-04 01:24 (UTC) (Link)
I never hated Faramir in the films, although I sometimes wanted to bop the screenwriters on the head for making him do such un-Faramir-like things. But whatever they made him do, I think David Wenham's "decent man" take on the role came through. It was that that I loved, in spite of some of the material they wrote for him. All of Faramir's EE scenes, in both TTT and RotK, seemed to give back, and more, what was taken away in the theatrical versions. In all of them he is shown in a very positive, very Tolkien-Faramir light. Thus am I inclined to be forgiving! :)
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