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Table of Links for finding jan-u-wine's poems....

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~*~~ detail from right panel of Nanette-Rosie Gagnon’s painting for jan-u-wine’s “Across So Wide a Sea”.

Below is a table of links for LJ entries that feature poems of jan-u-wine.

I realised that it was not easy to find them in my LJ. Her poems are listed in my table-of-links pages, but some are with Art Travesties, while others are with screencaps. I thought it would be good, therefore, to list them in one place, all together.

Just as I do with my other tables of links, I will also keep a link to this page in my side bar. (See note at top about my wandering side bar.)

Poems by jan-u-wine in LJ entries

Note: the images are links.

Poems posted with LOTR screencap entries:

~ "Halimath 1389".

~ "Dremes and Dragons".

~ "Bell" and "Mellon".

~ For March 25th: “They All Imagine”.

~ “The Gifts of the Three Hobbits”.

Photobucket ~ "Rivendell Suite Pt. 1" (for March 25, 2008).

Photobucket ~ "Rivendell Suite Pt. 2".

Photobucket ~ "Rivendell Suite Pt. 3".

Photobucket ~ "Soon".

Photobucket ~ "Rivendell Suite Pt. 4".

~ "Rivendell Suite Pt. 5".

~ "Rivendell Suite Pt. 6".

~ "Rivendell Suite Pt. 7".

~ "Rivendell Suite Pt. 8".

Photobucket ~ “Heir to the Dreamer”.

Photobucket ~ "The Counsel of Elrond".

~ "On Being Part of a Grand Story".

~ "Finely Crafted".

~ “In the Telling”.

~ "In Durin's Halls".

~ "Lórien Suite 1".

~ "Lórien Suite 2".

~ "Lórien Suite 3".

~ 'Lórien Suite 4'.

~ 'Lórien Suite 5'.

~ "A Gardener's Gift".

~ "So bright... So beautiful..."

~ “Grey as a Mouse: Mumak of Harad”.

~ "Mí Isilmë".

~ “Too Often”.

~ "At the Cross-roads of the King".

~ “Moon Tower”.

~ “That Which Waits”.

~ “The Web-ring”.

~ “In Dremes”.

~ "Last Day".

~ “Where You Are Bound”.

~ “Another Sunless Dawn”.

~ “The Last Hours”.

~ "Even As I".

~ "All That I Deem Precious".

~ "The Mastering", "A Comfort That Word Was To Me", and "Only the Golden Dark".

~ “That Which Is My Own”.

~ “Frodo’s Remembrance of Gollum".

~ “Within the Chamber”.

~ “The Claiming".

~ “In the Garden of the Mind".

~ “And I Don’t Mean To".

~ “They Are Here".

~ “March 25”.

~ For March 25, 2009: "Perhaps".

~ For March 25, 2007: "Frodo's Journal".

~ "Frodo's Dreme of Fimbrethil and Undómiel".

~ "There and Back Again”.

~ “Naught to Be Forgiven".

~ “Harthad Uluithiad” and “Bronwe Athan Harthad”.

~ "The Tale of the Tale".

~ "I Have a Little Shadow".

~ "The Fairest Flower”.

~ "No Child of My Body".

~ "Now Far Ahead the Road Has Gone".

~ “A Visit to Hobbiton” and “The Portrait”.

~ "Namárië".

~ "Not So Easily Mended".

~ "Soon".

~ "A Sailor's Quest".

~ “An Extra Ordinary Life”.

~ Thank-you’s from Mechtild and jan-u-wine, plus 'Concerning Hobbits'.

~ "The Houses of Healing" Pt. 1.

~ "The Houses of Healing" Pt. 2.

Poems inspired by THE HOBBIT:

Desolation of Smaug-ICON ~ 'The Desolation of Smaug', poem with screencap.

Poems posted with Frodo Art Manips and other images:

~ "The Plea of the Evenstar", with manip by Bandwench and art by Alan Lee, for the anniversary of March 25, 2012.

~ Untitled poem in honour of the Baggins birthdays, September 22, 2011.

~ "In the City of the King".

~ "At the Last".

~ "The Road Back".

~ "A Fairer Than Most Birth-day".

~ 2009 Birthday post: "Heir to the Dreamer".

~ "Frodo of the Shire".

Photobucket ~ “To My Cousin, Upon His Birthday”.

~ "Unbroken".

~ "The Wager".

~ "That Which Matters Not".

~ "Aiya Earendil".

~ “On the Field of Cormallen”.

~ "Fair Remembrance".

~ “Ode to Dusky Bits”.

~ "Fields of Forever".

~ "All Else Have I Said Farewell To".

Poems posted in other entries:

Eagles-The Hobbit-ICON.jpg ~ For March 25, the Fall of the Dark Tower, with "Upon the Ending of an Age".

Beyond by J. R. R. Tolkien - ICON crop.jpg ~ Happy Birthday, Bagginses 2017, with “A Birth Day for Heroes” by jan-u-wine, art by J. R. R. Tolkien.

Frodo Baggins, portrait sketch by Alan Lee-ICONBilbo Baggins, Esquire, by Alan Lee-ICON ~ Happy Birthday, Bagginses 2015, with “A Welcoming” by jan-u-wine, art by Alan Lee, Daniel Reeve and Ralph Blakelock.

The End of All Things: Rescue by Gandalf and the Eagles by John Cockshaw, penultimate version-ICON ~ For March 25, 2015: "The Turning of the Road: The Sammath Naur" and "Cast Up" by jan-u-wine, art by John Cockshaw.

Bilbo in Bag End by Alan Lee-ICON ~ Happy [Late] Birthday, Bagginses 2014, "Birthday" by jan-u-wine, art by Alan Lee.

Barad-dûr and Mt. Doom, variation 2, by John Cockshaw-ICON ~ "Hope" by jan-u-wine, art by John Cockshaw.

Tolkien w pipe-ICON ~ Happy 122nd Birthday Tolkien (2014), with vintage photos and new poem by jan-u-wine, 'Mea Cuppa'.

~ "Old Man Willow" by Tolkien, "Suite: Meriadoc" by jan-u-wine.

Wood at World's End ICON ~ "Wood at World's End": picture by Tolkien, poem by jan-u-wine.

~ "The Misty Mountains": picture by Tolkien, poem by jan-u-wine.

~ "Mirkwood": pictures by Tolkien, poem by jan-u-wine.

~ "Moonlight on a Wood": picture by Tolkien, poem by jan-u-wine.

~ "Foxglove Year" by jan-u-wine for watercolour of the same name by Tolkien.

~ "The Tree of Amalion" by jan-u-wine, for drawing by the same name by Tolkien.

~ "Upon the Tol" with art by Tolkien, for March 25.

~ "As Shall I" and "These Were His", with screencaps and art by Tolkien.

~ "The Young Squire", with painting by Kiprensky.

~ Happy Birthday Bagginses, 2012: "Beneath a Birthday Moon", with art by Antonio Mancini.

~ "The Master Observed" and "Frodo's Lamp", with art by Grimshaw and Carlsen.

~ "On the Greatness and Littleness of Being", for J. R. R. Tolkien's 120th birthday.

~ "Of Humans and Hobbits".

~ "Eagles to Ithilien".

~ "Naked in the Dark".

~ "Report From the Road".

~ "The Harvest".

~ “Across So Wide a Sea”.

~ “The Bridge of Pearls”.

~ Happy 117th Birthday to Tolkien, plus jan-u-wine's "Waurd-smiðr".

~ 2009 Birthday post: "Birth Day".

~ 2010 Birthday post: "She".

~ "A Hobbit's Bedtime Story".

~ "Of Mothers and Memories" with art by Cassatt.

~ "....they are but beggars...."

Poems posted with various works of art:

Autumn's Tale and Tol Eressëaian Harvest, with paintings by Jean-Francois Millet and Soren Emil Carlsen.

The Hill of Home, with illustrative paintings by Thomas Atkinson Grimshaw and Edwin Henry Landseer.

River-Dawn, with illustrative painting by Martin A. Poole.

A Winter's Day, with illustrative paintings by Frits Thaulow and Anders Andersen-Lundby.

The Lady Elanor, with illustrative paintings by John Leslie Breck, Soren Emil Carlsen and Michael F. Wood.

Nor Bid the Stars Farewell, with illustrative paintings by John Constable, Claude Monet and Justin Cherry.

In the End is the Beginning, with art illustrations by Alan Lee, Soren Emil Carlsen, J. M. W. Turner and Ivan Aizovsky.

In Dremes, with art illustrations by Alan Lee, Albert Bierstadt and John Constable.

Bywater and the Bearers of Promise, with paintings by Jean-François Millet and Philip James de Loutherbourg.

More jan-u-wine poems:

LotR Scrapbook

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