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NF-Lee's Gildor and Frodo

Lothlórien Pt. 3 – “Welcome, Frodo” ~ Galadriel greets the Ring-bearer….

Posted on 2007.03.10 at 17:51


mechtild at 2007-03-16 04:00 (UTC) (Link)
Yes, Alex's remarks sound *quite* promising, as if they'd manage to capture a bed scene (or floor or wherever it takes place) that actually registers as real on film: pleasureable, passionate, with the characters interrelating in a convincing way. Which is *just* what I've wanted to see.

EW's had a lot more experience since his last bed scene -- as a person, as an actor, and as a real-life sex partner (although from what I've read, he was by no means unpracticed by the time he made AiW). In AiW, he *looked* as though he had had almost no experience, but my guess is he was directed to play the scenes that way, since the character he played was untried. I hope that was the reason, anyway, as the reason for his onscreen amorous ineptitude and non-involvement.

The AiW scene with Debbie Harry was played for laughs, so I don't count that. But in his scene with Mandy Moore (whom he might actually have bedded, before moving on to Franka Potente), I could only think he was directed to play the scene as mildly curious. (I'd rather blame it on the direction than on him.) His character certainly kissed her with no apparent desire and no apparent pleasure, other than pleasure with himself that he had been able to make it with the neighbour, if even that. His kissing was completely mechanical (I thought), as if he had been coached to play it with inner dialogue like this: "Oh, I guess I should act passionate, now; I'll poke my tongue around for a while -- people always think tongue action is passionate." In the scenes with Franka Potente (who I thought turned in the only really nuanced, believable performance in the film), I found watching his character almost unbearable. Here he was, having his Big Moment, with the woman he had been pursuing for half of the film, and there he was submitting to her embraces as if she might kill him, so fearful did he seem. Nervousness would be normal, but the fear he conveyed was a fear which precluded desire. He seemed terrified, again going through the motions of making love, but without the feeling. When she bent to kiss him and he raised his head, straining to meet her, the way he opened his mouth, with his pointy tongue darting about, reminded me of a baby bird waiting to receive its worm.

As you may guess, I disliked 'All I Want' as a film very much, was deeply disappointed in EW's performance as an actor in it, and thought the character he played was an utter waste of time to portray.

I will say that the screencaps made from these scenes (that I so cringe over when they are actually playing as a scene), look quite good. As screencaps, since no movie is playing, I can imagine whatever I want happening. What I want ("all I want"?) happening is this: scenes in which the characters actually make some sort of real contact with each other, convincing me of their desire for each other. Is that such a lot to ask?

Well, I do apologize, Bellewood! As you can see, I got rather exercised talking about 'All I Want', a film that is towards the top of my "Turkeys I have seen" list.

I am TREMENDOUSLY hopeful about the love/sex scene in 'The Oxford Murders'. With a better director, a better character, a better script, and an older Elijah -- in the midst of a happy long-term love affair with a sensual-looking, good-natured-looking woman -- the scene might just be good! Very good! And, if it is, I am sure I will be a repeat viewer of the movie. :)

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