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It seems to be working! Woo hoo!

Well! *rubs hands with satisfaction*

I suppose now it is my task to let you all know this thing is in place, so that you can find and bookmark this journal. I don't yet know how the friends thing works, but I am sure I will get the hang of it.



(I wonder how I can post a picture...? I'll have to read up on that.)

I am someone who has loved all the laughs and discussion she has had on the Tolkien boards in the Frodo threads. This journal is my personal attempt to try and continue that laughter and discussion, should the threads peter out altogether. I know many of the fans I posted with a year ago, even months ago, have "moved on" from the boards -- but not from loving Tolkien and Tolkien's Frodo Baggins, the character whom I consider the most beautiful character in literature (and whose screen self is definitely the most beautiful face in film).

My hope is that this can become a place for us to talk, especially about Frodo and things Tolkien, with all of us free to be as explicit as we want. It would be nice to just say the names of the body parts and sexual acts we mean -- although inventing euphemisms for them is half the fun of common speech. *wink*

Note: I yet hope we can refrain from the gratuitous use of obscenities; if one needs to quote it, or simply to vent once in a while, that is different.

Second Note: I have no idea how the little pictures by people's names are supposed to show up in replies, why my journal page is yellow or any of the technical stuff. Again, I am hoping to learn as I go. You experienced LJ people can provide advice, perhaps. *importunate smiley face*

I am looking forward to welcoming you here, if only to know that I can reach you when and if you no longer frequent the messageboard threads where I still hang out (TORc's Frodo/Elijah swoon thread in the "Fandom" forum, and K-D's New Frodo's Harem in the "Community Cafe").


~ Mechtild

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