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NF-Lee's Gildor and Frodo

Thank you's for beautiful gifts of art....

Posted on 2006.11.19 at 15:08


mechtild at 2006-11-25 14:24 (UTC) (Link)
I will try to put some rose photos on my website in the next month or two, so you can look at them in the middle of winter. ;-)

Oh, goody goody goody!

In hardiness zones, I live on the southwest tip of Lake Superior in Minnesota. Our growning zone is zone 4(lows of -30 to -20 F, -35 to -29 C) . This would be comparable to only the upper reaches of Scandanavia and Finland, away from the moderating temperatures of the sea. The British Isles, for instance, are mostly zones 8 and 9, with a tiny bit of zone 7 in the Scottish mountains. Yes, it can be daunting to the gardener. My greatest sadness is the fact that so few trees I love are hardy here. There is a lamentable sameness about the woods - aspen, birch, fir, poplar, with a bit of maple and very little oak. Beeches don't grow here, a tree I love. Elms grew here rather well, but Dutch Elm disease has taken most of them.
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