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NF-Lee's Gildor and Frodo

Thank you's for beautiful gifts of art....

Posted on 2006.11.19 at 15:08


mechtild at 2006-11-22 13:30 (UTC) (Link)
Aren't these pictures wonderful, Taerie? What finds Jan made rummaging through the bins of that antique store.

I wish I had a really good hi-res of your "Frodo of the Shire" in it's frame. Then you could see the texture of the frame and the matting. It really looks great hanging up.

(I'm very put out that the big Lotr year at the Comicon in San Diego was years after I was one of the people RUNNING it! Damn.. wouldn't THAT have been fun.. driving hobbits around town.. making sure they got to panels and such. sigh.. Story of my life.)

Wow, I had no idea! Hey, I read that EW is supposed to be at ORC in L.A. in March. I suppose that's too far and too expensive, though. If it weren't, I'd go myself. I am a little jealous of all the folks who have got to see "Frodo" with their own eyes. I am always writing about how the photographs of paintings never do them justice. It seems to be true for Mr. Beautiful, too.
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