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I am going to be away....

~ detail from Willliam-Adolphe Bouguereau's, "Soul Carried to Heaven".

This is just a note to say that as of ten minutes from now I will be away until Thursday morning. I apologize in advance for entries and comments I won't be responding to in a timely fashion.

For you who enjoyed the last Shelob's Lair screencaps of Frolijah the Beautiful, I just want to note that two of my artistic Frodo friends photoshopped some of the images and posted them in their journals. I added links to the "Lair" entry, but some of you might have missed them

If you are interested, beautiful treatments of the originally-posted screencaps by wendylady1 can be found HERE.

Those by stillscarlet can be found HERE.

~ Mechtild
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