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LotR Limited Ed. DVD Extras - Shortcut to Mushrooms....

This set of caps also comes from the Limited Edition DVD's, from FotR.

In this sequence, Dominic Monaghan relates an amusing tale at Elijah Wood's expense (what's new?), with Billy Boyd helping....


They have just filmed a take for the scene, "A Shortcut to Mushrooms". Although stunt doubles took the full hill (also included in the documentary), the four hobbit actors did have to tumble down the last bit of hill. Apparently, the take of their landing just before this interview had been exceptionally entertaining.

Dominic, suppressing mirthful smirks, explains to the camera, "Elijah has to fall down onto the ground, falling down onto Billy with me by his side near his ... anal passage ... and as he fell down he let go a little -- burp." (Dom provides the appropriate noise for a fart.) Elijah squeezes his eyes shut, laughing silently as Dom relates this.

Here are a few caps from when Dom is speaking:

The documentary cuts to footage of the four actors landing at the bottom of the hill, Frodo last. The take finished, Elijah immediately bursts into shrieks and cackles of laughter (rather like a banshee):

Recovered, Elijah remarks to Billy and Dom, "I kind of would like to see if it shows up on the sound." Gleefully Dom says to the camera, "It's going to show up on the DVD!", at which Elijah laughs.

In the meantime, Billy has been gravely explaining how the burp made his eyes sore. "I was almost sick," he explains. "Even the thought of it now .... " (Billy pretends to gag.)

Dom leans in to confide, "My nose and ears were bleeding."

As Dom and Billy move off, Elijah says towards the camera, "Ah, ya gotta love your cast-mates...."

What struck me in this little exchange was not only what a good sport Elijah was (as ever), but how, even as he laughed at himself -- and being laughed at -- he still managed to come across as poised and gracious. In moments like this it's hard to remember that he was five years younger than Monaghan, and thirteen years younger than Boyd.

Oh -- and did I mention that I think he looks perfectly lovely ?


Note: As usual, the caps were all cropped and tweaked for better exposure levels and sharper focus.

Full listing of Frodo and Elijah screencaps HERE.

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