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NF-Lee's Gildor and Frodo

Eagles ~ Frodo Wakes in Ithilien, plus jan-u-wine's 'There and Back....Again'

Posted on 2006.09.30 at 11:19


verangel at 2007-09-21 01:50 (UTC) (Link)
oh..when you mentioned Renee Fleming I got chills. Yes her vocals fill the screen in as you say a sublime way, carry that tone. I see this in my head at this moment with the eagles coming and picking their almost lifeless forms up and then that vision that I would watch over and over and over...just because of all that went with it. The background, destruction, and the face of this hobbit who went through so much and expected to die...but, is carried away...then peace. Frodo gives himself up to trust and peace whatever may come to him.

Renee Fleming was at the symphony we went to in Pittsburgh with Howard Shore. From start to finish I cried (like an idiot). I couldn't stop the tears...it was so beautiful.
xoxo v
mechtild at 2007-09-21 02:42 (UTC) (Link)
You heard Renee Fleming in Pittsburgh????? I saw/heard the LotR Symphony conducted by Howard Shore in Pittsburgh, too, in July 2005, but the soprano soloist was the one touring with Shore, Sissel. You lucky DOG!!! Sissel was good but Fleming is a vocal GODDESS!!! (Very suited to singing for one of the Ainur!). I adored getting to attend that concert, but if Renee Fleming had been singing I think I might have died of bliss.
verangel at 2007-09-21 10:56 (UTC) (Link)
Oh then I was mistaken. I never realized there were several soloists. I admit I do not follow them. I do love that voice in the film. It is as classically pure as the vision shown with it. I was at the same LotR Symphony in July 2005 so it was Sissel. Having not followed these women's careers I would not know the difference in person. I still feel I was a Lucky Dog to be there though...it was magical.
mechtild at 2007-09-21 13:09 (UTC) (Link)
Oh, Sissel was excellent. I don't think I ever read the review of a fan that wasn't ultra-pleased with her performance.

Quickly, here's a Renee Fleming website if you want to peek:

Here's Sissel:

Got to get ready for work now (I'm in U.S. central time), but it was great to wake up your note. It's always fun to talk and gush with a fellow LotR score fan and concert-goer.
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