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Premiere Fan Magazine Image #2: "The Frenzy".....

~ Fire-lit portrait of Frodo from the premiere issue of the LotR fan magazine.

So that I won’t kill Pearl with suspense (see her hilarious comment in the previous entry) below is the image that on some message boards caused the frenzy. Fans were beside themselves with anticipation, waiting for scans of this image to be posted on the internet. Funny, the LotR films weren’t even on the map for me then. It's hard for me to imagine now. What a lot I missed!

So, here it is, the image that made grown women weep and wail and tear their garments....

~ #2: Fire-lit Frodo, from the 2002 premiere issue of the LotR fan magazine:


Again, if anyone would like the full-size files for any of these, I will email them as attachments (my email address is on my User Info page). The full-size files are all over 1000kb and are too large even for my premium Photobucket account. These files would be good if you want to actually print them out. I also have the original scans. These are a little washed-out, but show the actual images complete with their printed imperfections, if you are the historian types.

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~ Mechtild

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