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NF-Lee's Gildor and Frodo

Happy Birthday, Bilbo ~ Various Illustrators....

Posted on 2005.09.22 at 07:48
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This morning I am celebrating...

Mr. Bilbo Baggins, born 22 September 1290, Shire Reckoning.

Happy Birthday, Bilbo!!!

Here are some well-known images of a much-beloved hobbit, posted in his honour.....

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

~ Ian Holm in Fellowship of the Ring.

~ Detail from illustration for The Hobbit, by Alan Lee.

~ Gandalf and Bilbo, by Bakshi.

~ Frodo and Bilbo, by Bakshi.

You will have to wait till tonight when I come home from work to see my birthday mathom from Frodo.

Here's a glimpse....

Before the Fire-TEASER

~ Mechtild


just_ann_now at 2005-09-22 14:34 (UTC) (Link)
I'm hardly a Frodophile, but that teaser of Frodo in a big fluffy bathrobe...*thud* The skin tone is incredible, all flushed and rosy *thud*
(Anonymous) at 2005-09-22 17:49 (UTC) (Link)

A glimpse

Darn these time zones!

I'll be in bed when you get home Mechtild, but not able to sleep for thinking of what you have in store :(

Gosh! Just look how beautiful he is in his Birthday suit.


pearlette at 2005-09-22 23:01 (UTC) (Link)
Oh Lordy. OH. MY. GOOD. LORDY.

Has eyes only for the nephew.

Is completely shallow person.


I want to be on Tol Eressea. Right now. Just me, him and the bathrobe.

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