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Elanor is Born, Part I ~ The Naming of Elanor....

Featuring screencaps from the Green Dragon scene, with jan-u-wine’s The Fairest Flower….


Today is September 22, but I shall celebrate by commemorating another joyous birth....

From The Return of the King, The Grey Havens:

Time went on, and 1421 came in. Frodo was ill again in March, but with a great effort he concealed it, for Sam had other things to think about.

The first of Sam and Rosie’s children was born on the twenty-fifth of March, a date that Sam noted.

‘Well, Mr. Frodo,’ he said. ‘I’m in a bit of a fix. Rose and me had settled to call him Frodo, with your leave; but it’s not him, it’s her. Though as pretty a maidchild as any one could hope for, taking after Rose more than me, luckily. So we don’t know what to do.’


The book scene that Jan’s poem enlarges upon -- the birth and naming of Elanor -- isn’t included in the film, but I have borrowed frames of Frodo laughing from RotK’s Green Dragon scene. I am pretending they are images of Frodo as he learns of Elanor’s birth, an event that brings him joy in the midst of a difficult time.

In the filmed scene, the Four Travellers have returned to an un-scoured Shire, where things are going on as they always have done, war or no war. The heroes go completely unremarked. A large pumpkin causes more of a stir. Not only Frodo's but the efforts of all four go unlauded and their tales unasked for. Raising their mugs, they seem to share a partly-amused, mostly-rueful understanding: “Well, what else did we expect?”

In the frames I chose, Sam has girded his loins and boldly risen from the table. Merry has cued Frodo to watch as Sam, off-screen, presents his suit to Rosie Cotton. This was well-done by the filmmakers, I thought. The reaction shots of the heirs of the Tooks, Brandybucks and Bagginses are a treat to watch as Sam does whatever he is doing (probably snogging Rosie speechless).

When I put aside what I know is coming before I look at Frodo in these frames, he really does look as though he had returned to his pre-Quest self in that moment. No wonder his friends (in the book, anyway) did not to know there was anything still wrong with him.

Even if he could no longer feel happiness for himself, he still could feel happiness for his friends and their better fortunes.


The frames have been tweaked for contrast and focus.

~ Frodo watches Sam at the Green Dragon; RotK, full-screen theatrical version:

The Fairest Flower

~ by jan-u-wine

How very quiet
my Home
in the hazed grey
before true-dawn.

I can scarce
for the deep
of coverlets
that pillow me
in forgetful warmth.

Two years ago,
this very day....

It is as if it never happened....

it is as if
it were happening

A thrush,
vest of flared fire
denying its somber suit,
lights in spring-burdened

I cannot hear his song
through the closed round
of the window.

creeps upon the
darkened floor....

it seems far

as if I were
a Man,

looking upon it
from a Man's great height.

How long
have I been

A film of prism'd
clings to the basin's face...

the iced water within

As it was then,
so it is


silence so
it echoes
within itself.

I begin to imagine,
that I may be
the only person
to this world.

no fire
glows, winking
in great-room
or kitchen,
no warm welcome
of loaves,
from the sill.

not even a kettle
upon the hearth.

half a round of cheese,
sweating its sharpness
beneath a burden of wax,
lies upon the board.

a cloth of faded red
a heel of poppy-loaf.

this will do.

this will do

the front garden
is bright and comforting.

the anxious song of
my cheery,
red-breasted friend
against my ear.

so many,
the flowers
that wake
in this tumult of spring....
so many,
the songs which rise to greet

I am lost
in a confusion
of sound
and color.

a soft step stirs the grass
beside me,
a hand,
warm as the sunshine,
brown as rich earth,
falls upon my shoulder.


I smile at him.

Have I really been
all this long while?


there is something
cradled in soft yellow,
held safe
in the bend of his arm.

A child.

His child.

I look into his eyes.

they are like ancient streams,
full of little-known light....
hard-won wisdom...

wakening joy.

This is the child
he said
would bear
my name.

Now his eyes are quick
with merriment:

A girl child has graced us this day.

We lean upon each other
and laugh....

great, breathless
followed close
by tears.

I hold this fair,
tiny treasure
to me....

your daughter.

I know, now
is precious.

You remind me,
there is still
the question
of a name.

The stars
would not be good enough
for her.

not good enough,
but too grand,
those lofty names
for such a small flower
to bear.

My eye
from the sweet
warmth of the child.....

there are flowers
like unto
golden, moon-kissed

at my feet.

The blessing of the Lady:


It blooms, here, like her, beyond all reason,
beyond all hope.

She will be as simple
as an earth-held blossom.....

as beautiful
as the lights of the distanced sky.

In all my life,
there has never been
a Spring more golden,

a day more blessed
with life.

March 25, 1421, S.R.


Jan-u-wine's Lord of the Rings-based poetry may be found at LotR Scrapbook.

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~ Mechtild
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