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NF-Lee's Gildor and Frodo

Frodo Returns to Bag End ~ "And All the Small and Simple Things" by jan-u-wine....

Posted on 2006.09.16 at 17:53


lily_the_hobbit at 2006-09-17 08:04 (UTC) (Link)
I love this scene so much. Frodo's words (how do you pick up...?) have me in tears every single time. This is one of the few scenes where I think that movie Frodo comes close to book Frodo - reflective and wise and so many things more I cannot put into words.

jan-u-wine's poem is really amazing. It took me a moment to get into it and then I was swept away with it. Frodo's voice rings clearly between the lines.
mechtild at 2006-09-17 13:30 (UTC) (Link)
Lily, I love this scene, too, for its elegiac quality, the lighting, and the wonderful quality of Frodo's voice-over work here. I don't even have to see the images; I can hear it all in his voice. I have seen other films in which EW's voice-over narration leaves a lot to be desired, so I have wondered if there just wasn't something about Frodo that struck a strong chord for him. He never had read the book, and the filmmakers gave him a slightly altered character to play, but he did wonderful things with it, sinking right into it until EW could not be seen or heard.

I think this is one of jan's very best poems for creating significant, telling visual images in the reader's mind to convey Frodo's mood and insights.
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