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RotK EE Extras ~ Misc. screencaps, Pt. I....

All this week I have been devising a big, multi-part screencap extravaganza, to "clear the shelves" of all the caps I've already prepared; caps I've had waiting for weeks and months. Nearly all of them are from the end scenes of RotK and from the EE documentary, "Cameras in Middle-earth".

I am still writing and laying out this series of at least ten entries, since I also want to feature selected text excerpts, four poems by jan-u-wine, and a fic by Pearl ( aka pearlette aka Diamond of Long Cleeve aka Nienna), which the cap series will illustrate and vise-versa.

In the meantime....

Here are some visual hushpuppies -- screencaps I made from Cameras in Middle-earth, all tweaked and ready to post. Most of them will be familiar to you; many of you will already have them on file. But only in making the caps did I add these to my own collection.


I liked this little set below because Elijah Wood in his Frodo costume, his face darkened with make-up dirt, looked so like a saucy, naughty Pan in them. I have always been pleased with the "faun-ness" of PJ's young film hobbits, but this Frolijah-faun is irresistible.

~ Elijah as Frodo, channelling Pan:


Here's a statue by 19th century Danish sculptor Berthel Thorvaldsen. Its over-all look reminds me of Frodo-faun above(if only he were smiling!), but in classical art. This is a human boy, but he'd make a fine faun if his legs were furred up. Or a fine hobbit, if the fur were limited to the tops of his feet.

"Shepherd Boy and Dog" by Berthel Thorvaldsen:

As for Pan-Frodo's face, so full of mischief and delight, I tried to find a close-up of the angel's face in this renowned Bernini statue (the one of the Cupid-like angel delivering St. Theresa to ecstasy by piercing her with an arrow), but I could not.

I used to have a copy but have lost it, somehow, perhaps in one of our computer crashes. If anyone has a face close-up of the angel's face, I would love to have it.

Many of you know I love this sculpture, seeing in it a representation of how film-Frodo wounded me through the eyes with his beauty, making me besotted (and continually ecstasy-prone). I even made a humorous Frodo Art Travesty out of it, back when I was first making these manips.

~ "The Ecstasy of St. Theresa" by Bernini:


The handful of screencaps below, all from Cameras in Middle-earth, are ones I have seen elsewhere. I offer them here just in case some of you haven't saved them and wanted to. I tweaked them a little as usual, to improve the contrast and lighting.

I never noticed until making the manips that Gandalf's scale double is standing behind Elijah in the profile shots. Somehow I had thought it was taken on Frodo's last day of shooting, but Gandalf was not in that scene, of course.

ETA: It's not the scale double; it's Ian McKellen moving about back there, but apparently on some sort of platform.

~ Two profiles:

The three caps below are from the famous "push-up" series, in which Elijah Wood is preparing himself to look stressed and breathless for a Mt. Doom take. Ariel (aka elasg) posted a most amusing gif of this, as I recall (*snicker*). The three below are the most in-focus frames from the sequence.

A posterior of great charm, I would say. "Pert", I believe, is the favourite descriptive of fic writers.

Elijah prepares:

Query: Is anyone else having trouble with trying to select text using their mouse pointer? I can no longer select a text for copying, cutting, or pasting. It is most annoying!

~ Mechtild
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