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Thank you, Taerie, and Good Luck, Dear Daughter!

~ Detail of Taerie's "Frodo of the Shire".

One of my Frodo friends, tairie, has been preparing to move. I was surprised but pleased when I got a PM from her saying....

I am packing up to move and I ran across the original for that picture of Frodo that you liked. Would you like to have it...?
Yes, I wrote back fervently -- although I wasn’t sure which picture she meant, since she’s done several that I’ve admired tremendously.

A few days ago, coming home from work, I found a big, reinforced envelope in the door -- from Taerie. Restraining the desire to tear it open, I slit the seals carefully. I stopped breathing. I burst into tears. Inside was the original painting of “Frodo of the Shire".

Below is a much larger copy than Taerie posted at Elfwood (where I first swooned for it), and which I posted in my LJ.

~ "Frodo of the Shire", by Taerie; opaque watercolour on clayboard (actual size: 11 x 14):

ETA: I found that I did have a huge, high resolution copy of this image, which Taerie sent me originally. But it was too big to fit in my free Photobucket at the time, so I had to reduce it. I reduced it further to fit on an LJ page. But if you'd like a copy of the big one, I could email it to you as an attachment.

Here is a close-up of Frodo's face, enlarged:

Here' part of his feet, and details of the tree root and plants, enlarged:

Here's the feet and hands, as well as the book, apple, and frog, enlarged:


I burst into tears not just because Taerie would actually give this to me, as a gift, the painting that is perhaps my favourite piece of Frodo fan art I’ve ever seen, but because it is that much more beautiful in person. The detail is exquisite. The posted image doesn’t begin to do it justice.

I asked my husband on the phone if he could scan it at work, where the machine is very good. No. Sadly, the painting is a little too large to fit it.

So, I have framed it in an old oak frame, set in a cream-coloured mat, and hung it on the wall near the computer where I can look at it all the time.

When my husband gets back from Hawaii (he’s escorted our daughter to begin college there; he should be back the day after tomorrow), I’ll ask him to photograph sections of it, from very close, since he’s got the really good camera.

Taerie, it's BEAUTIFUL!!!

Thank you so much!!!

For those of you who don’t know Taerie’s Frodo work, here are some other examples from one of her recent LJ pages:

"Angel Light", "Dangerous When Wet", "Primmie's Baby"


The other point of this post was to say that our daughter has been conveyed to Hawaii to start her career at the college of her choice, to study Surfing. I mean, Nursing.

I can’t go into it because it still makes me too teary, although I am extremely happy for her and hope her dreams for the place all come true. Here are some snaps to give a flavour of my feelings, the happier ones:

~ Here she is at her first surf lesson with instructor, "Blue", on Waikiki Beach, during my first and only trip to Hawaii, 2-20-2005 (I hope there now will be more!):

For laughs, and to show off the scenery, here are some shots I took on that February 2005 visit. I had brought “Action Figure Frodo” with me. While I sat on the beach or went sight-seeing, he kept me enthused for the fic I’ve been writing, discussing points of characterization and providing informed input for the erotic sections.

~ Here is Frodo at Diamond Head (Honolulu in background), claiming Oahu for the Shire:

~ In this shot I am lolling at Lanakai beach while he tells me (for the umpteenth time) he did *not* go to Osgiliath:

~ Mechtild
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