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NF-Lee's Gildor and Frodo

Gorgoroth Pt. IV ~ "Naked in the dark," plus jan-u-wine's 'All That I Deem Precious'....

Posted on 2006.08.24 at 15:28


mechtild at 2006-08-26 01:51 (UTC) (Link)
Thank you, Goldberry. I'm glad you could stop by!

I know this sounds strange but it somehow rang more real for me being hard to understand.. (although I know it may not be a classical way to perform it)

They did make it sound real, since, of course, Frodo would be so parched and weak he would incapable of clear speech in "real life." Still, in drama, whether in film or on the stage, actors and directors usually cheat a little so that the hearer/viewer can tell what's being said or going on, even if (realistically speaking) they shouldn't be able to. So that, in Shelob's cave, for example, when it's supposed to be pitch black, the lighting guys provide light so that we can see what's going on.

In the same way, when we ought not be able to hear this or that, or understand tthe dialogue in a scene (because the characters are in high winds or being tossed around in high seas or whatever), the sound people still try to make sure the audience can hear what's being said.

Again, I think the scene is powerful the way it is; I think it's terribly moving. I'm merely sorry to lose the words, which are so great.

P.S. Thanks for the wishes for my daughter. She is VERY excited about going. *sniffle*
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