Mechtild (mechtild) wrote,

More inside info. on the Ents....

Warning: Not Worksafe. Full-frontal plant nudity.

Well, it turns out a lot of you have researched Ent mating and courtship, sending me images that I absolutely have to post.

Just to refresh our visual memories, here is the photo of the male Ent featured in the previous LJ entry.

Estë sent me these images she took of a birch:



For you who want to know if there are any nude photos of female Ents....

Jan-u-wine also sent me a link to an on-line gallery, “Nature’s Erotica”, photos by Michelle Rhea. There are quite a few good erotic tree images in there, females, too.

Also in Rhea's gallery are some photos of flowers. Very ... Georgia O'Keefe sorts of flowers ... very lovely, very sensual.

~ Mechtild
Tags: ents, humour

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