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NF-Lee's Gildor and Frodo

Gorgoroth Part I ~ EE scenes, plus jan-u-wine's 'There is Light Which Does Not Fail'.

Posted on 2006.08.21 at 13:52


Hobbity forever
periantari at 2007-08-24 03:46 (UTC) (Link)

What a BEAUTIFUL post! wow

I love that EE scenes and you indeed said it when you thought they cut too much of the heart-rending scenes away from the movies... i indeed though that there could've been more struggles to Mt. Doom but i guess it wouldn't work as the film.

Interesting thoughts you said about the closeness that Sam and Frodo had in the movies versus that of the books. For one thing, the modern audience already thought too much into the Sam and Frodo relationship in thinking that they're "more than friends" type deal, not really understanding the master/servant relationship. So i think if they were to be more physical in the movies, that'll be surely more slash and talk about them being gay than there is already. :p Obviously, they have a platonic master/servant relationship but unfortunately many fail to see that but i think you have awesome points in which you talk about the importance in showing the closeness of their friendship ...
Tolkien indeed experienced a lot of that brotherly contact and experienced hardships in the war and was mostly in a male-"dominated" world which saw a lot of close male relationships... it's clear that when he was writing the Mordor chapters, he showed the relationship that must be have in order for two exhausted, fatigued, parched hobbits to be like.

In the book, Gwaihir looks down upon “two small dark figures, forlorn, hand in hand upon a little hill” I would have traded twenty film embraces to see the tiny figures hand in hand: a lone, last, perhaps unconscious binding together of loyalties in the face of the world’s ending, a last homely example of "keeping each other company" even to the end.
I agree with this a lot. I find it very touching if the End of All Things scene ended with this because it's so darn appropriate since they thought they were going to die... that they would grasp onto whatever life there is and to whatever bonds they have. Very awesome point.

And Januwine's poem is amazing as always.

I loved this post so much since that EE scene is one of my faves!!!

Thank you, mellon nin!
mechtild at 2007-08-24 04:21 (UTC) (Link)

Re: What a BEAUTIFUL post! wow

Well, thank you, Perientari! I didn't expect to see a comment on this. You certainly have splashed a fresh coat of paint, so to speak, on an older post. I agree that the filmmakers' were very aware that physical closeness between Frodo and Sam might make audiences interpret it as meaning they were lovers or wished to be. There is certainly a large group of Frodo and Sam fans who wish it were the case, and who believe it is so in the book, even if Tolkien couldn't bring himself to write it explicitly. Personally, I don't think Tolkien intended to do so, and I don't see it in the text. But what looks one way in print looks another way acted out for the eyes to see, especially from a contemporary perspective.

However, granting that the filmmakers' probably gave a thought to toning down the moments of physical tenderness Sam expressed many times in the book, they left in a lot that would be food for speculation, so I think they were pretty brave. They even added body contact, in the case of the opening scenes, that gave the impression Frodo and Sam were peer pals (horsing around at the party, arms around each other coming home from the inn, etc.), as if they were close cousins or school friends who had grown up together. This was not their book relationship, but, well, the films are the films. Making Sam less servant-ish, Frodo less master-like, and Merry and Pippin less "upper class", was part of their general portrayal.

Thanks again for commenting at length. It was a pleasure to read your response.
Hobbity forever
periantari at 2007-08-24 04:34 (UTC) (Link)

Re: What a BEAUTIFUL post! wow

Making Sam less servant-ish, Frodo less master-like, and Merry and Pippin less "upper class", was part of their general portrayal.
Yes, i agree with that. And i think after Frodo and Sam left the pub, the gesture with Frodo putting his arm on Sam's shoulder was pretty non-Master-like, so to speak.

I definitely think PJ didn't really portray Frodo and Sam to be a master/servant relationship but more of just close friends. There were gestures more in the book, as you pointed out, that showed more of seemingly respect from Sam to Frodo.
I think the added EE scene with Sam and Frodo seeing the star was a nice scene to add. I also really liked The End of All Things with Frodo and Sam hugging in the end ...i was really touched with both of those scenes.
mechtild at 2007-08-24 04:44 (UTC) (Link)

Re: What a BEAUTIFUL post! wow

I think the added EE scene with Sam and Frodo seeing the star was a nice scene to add.

I thought it worked really well too. I wish it had been in the theatrical version. Not all the scenes for Frodo added to RotK EE were good, but this was one of them. And I loved the way the camera pulled away at the end of the scene to show the two of them sitting in a little nook in the vast rocky landscape. Two such tiny little figures in all that cold wasteland, hoping to stay hid from the enemy while they shivered. I didn't make a cap of that moment because the scene didn't really look like much of anything on a little computer monitor. But on the movie screen it played really well.

Well, nighty-night, Periantari. It's bedtime in this part of the world.
Hobbity forever
periantari at 2007-08-24 04:48 (UTC) (Link)

Re: What a BEAUTIFUL post! wow

so is it here but i'm now too hyper to sleep. :P
::incoherent babble starts:: ;)
good night to yoU! ♥
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