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Taerie's art: 'Angel Light' and 'Dangerous When Wet'

~ Detail from Taerie's "Angel Light".

Away with the sauce and fluff of Faun and Bacchante; the time is right to present a piece I saw posted last week in the
journal of fellow LotR- and Frodo-fan, visual artist taerie. Her latest Frodo painting is ... sublime.

I apologize ahead of time that you will need to use your scroll bar to see all of this, but the full-size version of Taerie's
painting is that wide!

Since Taerie has a locked journal with a limited f-list, it bothered me that almost no one would see her new work.
I have asked her and she has given me permission to post it here.

Angel Light is a "winged Frodo" image, of which I am sure there are many, considering how often Frodo is compared to Eros,
the winged God of love. I've done Art Travesties of Frodo in Bouguereau's "Cupid and Psyche" paintings (who provided his
Cupid with ridiculously small wings), and I've featured the gorgeous scupture group of Canova's "Cupid and Psyche".

I've also gushed in various places over igraine's exquisitely imagined and written AU S/F fanfic, Psyche, which she
based on the myth of Cupid and Psyche (complete with ravishing writing about Frodo-Cupid's wings *swoon*).

I am betting there are Frodo fics and pieces of art based on the myth of Icarus, too, another hero with wings.

Whatever Taerie's inspiration -- Eros, Icarus, angels, or birds -- I think hers is the best "winged Frodo"
I've seen in fan art. See what you think.

Taerie's "Angel Light" reduced to fit on an LJ page:

Taerie's "Angel Light", full-size (use your scroll bar to view, or click enlarging icon in lower right if necessary):


Because I think Taerie's work doesn't get enough exposure, I also want to post a recent sketch of hers of great charm.
I encouraged her to post in a Frodo thread I visit at K-D, but its readership is small. Perhaps more people who might enjoy it
will see it here.

The sketch below depicts Frodo in the bath. What a look on his face! I am sure I am not the only fan who will be reminded
of at least half a dozen highly-rated fanfics, when she looks at this drawing.

Naughty Taerie!

~ Frodo in the tub, in "Dangerous When Wet":

And, just in case any of you missed it last year, here is a link to the LJ entry presenting Taerie's Frodo of the Shire,
the colour piece that reminded me of ancient Chinese silk paintings.

~ Mechtild
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