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Announcing Ch. 14 of Threshold ~ 'Bilbo Observes'....

~ ‘The Last Judgment’, by Michelangelo, detail,16th century.

Announcing a new chapter of

Ch. 14 ~ Bilbo Observes
Rating: Mature

Find it at these locations:

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Threshold ~ Chapter 14
Threshold ~ Main Chapter Listing

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Story profile:

Author: Mechtild
Complete or WIP: WIP
Rating: Chapters vary from mild Mature to Adult.
Pairing: Frodo Baggins/OFC
Warnings: Het; Erotic scenes rather explicit, but not tasteless or extraneous.
Summary: As Frodo grows up, so does his childhood affection for an older friend. Adolescent desire becomes passion, and passion deepens into love.


Ch. 14 concludes what was actually a two-part “Bilbo section.”

Huge thanks to Scarlet for such swift and thorough beta reading!

~ Mechtild

~ ‘The Goblin Market’, by D. G. Rossetti, 1865, detail.

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